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I am experiencing Gig Ranking issue

Hi there, I noticed that my gig is going back anytime I completed an order. I was on page 4, 3-weeks ago and I completed 5 orders with reviews with 3 days and my gig moved from page 4 to page 9. The same thing today, a buyer drop a review with tip and my gig moved from page 9 to page 11. Come to my aids. Here is my gig link


Gig placement doesn’t matter unless there’s a considerable change in your views, impressions or clicks.

I have low impression and clicks of recent.

Can you be a bit more precise? If it a drastic difference?

@ssj1236 Not a huge difference, but my impression has been declining since 7 days ago

Yeah, then don’t worry about it. As long as there isn’t any drastic change then that means your gig is still getting visbility. Just keep working hard and find alternative ways to promote your gigs.

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Your gig placement also has to do with your competitor’s gigs, which you cannot control.

Fiverr didn’t guarantee you that your gig in the same position. It will be change every moment base on seller performance. Hope you understood.

Here’s a question for you - I clicked over to “edit my gig”…did NOT edit anything…the last word of my gig title was not showing on the page…i was worried i had overlooked it or made a mistake…

No. It was typed correctly. MADE NO CHANGES. clicked save.

NOW, my gig cannot be found. It WAS on 1st page - now it is nowhere. three days after making that edit. impressions, etc. all way down… no orders.

Anyone have thoughts on why this would happen?