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I am facing 2 problem with my seller account


Let me tell you the 2 problems step by step that are I am facing.

  1. Second is today when i click on the gigs option then i had to see that my all gig are in “Denied” Option. Can you please tell me what is the problem is going.

2.The third is I am facing a problem with my Fiverr inbox when i click on the message option then inbox open and i see the error message "Your account is currently restricted. You cannot send messages at this time. " Can you please guide me why am i facing the problem?

Please guide me step by step. Thanks,




You don’t have two problems you have one problem which is that your account is restricted.

Most likely you broke fiverr rules and they restricted your account.
Check your email then sent you an email explaining why they restricted your account.


Seems like the guy have lost his account due to some Terms of service violation

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you only have one problem, your account restricted because your gigs are denied. you can not use the inbox anymore

Ok, thanks for this so you have any idea that when and how they will correct my account or not?

Yes that was by mistake and that 2nd warning so why thy restrict my account?

Yes, but what is the solution? Can i get back my account?

Why they restricted you’re account? Because you received 2 warnings for breaking rules. Did you read fiverr rules? Did you read the part where it says that your account will be restricted after 2-3 warnings?

There is no solution. If you indeed broke rules then it’s highly unlikely you will get your account back.


Thanks for your kind response maria