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I am facing a severe problem

Hello everyone!
Hope you guys are doing well. I am Level one seller on fiverr i am facing an issue that none of my gigs appears in search usually we gig appears on the first of the specific category but from last couple of weeks i am going through this problem i have contacted the customer support center several times but i issue was not resolved. But today i saw that my gig appears on the last page of the respective category. Does anyone else facing this sort of problem.
Can you suggest any solution for this.


contact customer care

i have contacted customer support several times but they have not provided any satisfactory answer

Gigs rotate in search so everyone gets a chance to be seen. It’s normal.


and today morning i say my gig usually it appears on the 1st page of that category but now its on the last page

Oh I am sorry
Try changing keywords to low cometition ones

I do logos and I use words which have less than 100 people due to which I come first in a page
This is my 40yth day here
and within 20 days I have got over 300 clicks and 500 impressions

If your gigs are showing nowhere in the search results, there is a problem.

If your gigs are showing on the last page of the results, there is not a problem.

There are many posts on these forums about how Fiverr position gigs in search results.

Although no one fully understands the process (apart from Fiverr employees!), the general consensus is that Fiverr do allow new gigs priority for a time before they drop back in the search results - otherwise the same sellers would always get priority.

No one is entitled to a first page ranking, although many sellers think they are!


sir i am working on fiverr from last couple of months but this is the first time my gig disappears before its always on the first page

my gig is always on first page from last couple of months

Facing same problem too but like some said, fiverr does rotate gigs

Can be some glitch idk

As I wrote already, the collected experience of sellers on this forum suggests that Fiverr will prioritise new gigs for a while before allowing them to drop back in the search results. Why should you get a first page ranking and not some of the other dozens, or hundreds or even thousands of sellers in your category?

No one is entitled to a first page ranking.


How are you able to see your clicks and views because nobody can see any gigs statistics for now… And besides to what ends does it to profit your gigs when you receive that kind of clicks and views but no sales…

I can see you have 0 review on your logo design gig… @anvith_619

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When was your most recent delivery of an order? I’m pretty sure you’ll find out that some time has passed since that delivery.

I am just saying him to try using keyword
due to which I got I got so many clicks and views as mine was in low comp category which helps your gig to be first in a page

I have no orders but I read a lot of fiverr tips and was trying to help

That doesnt mean there is a bug or a problem with the system. We’ve discussed ways of getting around this many times.

Evidently you haven’t read any of my posts about algorithms or competition.

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