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I am facing a very big problem

From last night it happens to me but why i

don’t understand .Can anyone please tell me that ?
always show one active buyer request but it remain always empty and don’t show any buyer request .

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Sometime I have also faced it. But I do not know that why we are facing this issue.


i face a similar problem, however after going through the forum i got to understand there might be several reasons for this

  1. there might be no suitable requests for your gig, check your tags.
  2. fiver doesn’t show a lot of buyer requests to level zero sellers to shield them from being duped.
  3. market yourself more.

Yes… same bro??? I have also been going through this phase since last night

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fiverr has updated i think so.

hey bro same to me! I’m still waiting


It is puzzling :jigsaw: why that number appears under the active heading. I have seen it as high as 45, yet I cannot see any active Buyer Requests. :confounded:

I do not think I have ever seen a :zero: there. :thinking:

However, I have noticed that even though I am sure to remove all BRs that I am not interested in the next day a few old requests (days old requests) that are new to me appear, and then I notice the number is also lower. So, perhaps Fiverr has more BRs they hold back and do not show us right away and then for some reason they do. It is all very puzzling :jigsaw:. I have learned to ignore it! :wink:


This is fiverr bug bro .

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i’m also faces the Same problem . So i hope This is fiverr bug.

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AFTER removing some br it showed in the tab so i am surprised to see it .