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I am facing below error on deshboard

Detail I had ordered and I offered him extra on the order page. After that work delivers and client mark the order complete and Now I am seeing the below error. Actually, this was the order which is already complete but it is showing here. I have pressed many times on it but the page is not going to any other page and it is not redirected to the same page and even not loaded when I am pressing on it. Can someone know what to do?

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Clear your browser cache & check again . :slight_smile:

BTW I recommend not to show your eaning in public forum. for privecy & safety concern ,


Ok I was to show that in this page. ok I am removing that. Also I have already cleared cached

Please edit the screenshot as the buyer’s username is visible.

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You’re good to go now! :ok_hand:t4:

I had faced this type of issue before, it solve autometically, You may wait 2/3 days hope it will be vanished for you too.

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That was fix by CS but today another issue. The “Publish review” button is not working with me. :joy::joy:Anyone else facing this type of problem too!Screenshot_293

It needs to be of certain length, at least 10 characters (unless they’ve increased it; if they did, you’ll have to write more).

Ok got. Thank you. I was confused,