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I am Facing Big Issue

Hope you are doing well recently I am facing issue with my gig named
“I will Ghostwrite book on any topic”

Almost few days before I was getting daily orders because my gig was appearing on Page 1 when it was searched with keywords like “ghostwriting”,“e book” , “book writing”

But now suddenly out of no where it is totally vanished and I am not getting any orders

I know Fiverr team is working on GIG stats update but I guess there is no connection between that update and my gig vanishing (I had also tried updating tags but nothing worked I am trying to due troubleshooting myself from past 3 days)


This is all part of the algorithm. Your gig will be moved throughout the pages, nobody is doing this on purpose.

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The fiverr algorithm churns gigs into and out of the front page.

My advice to you is to split your gig into a few more - “I will ghostwrite a book on marketing/psychology/social science/whatever” - one gig for each. You may get a spike …

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But the main issue is that I cannot see my gig on any page with search option

Try looking for it with a private/incognito browser …

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I had tried this all when I go to the category of writing and select sub castegory books and ebopoks and again go to sub category of ghostwriting and mobed to page 2 I found my gig but from search its no where even not on last page :roll_eyes:

Well, you can check your gig is live using this tool:

If it says your gig is active … well … search depends on all kinds of things and you’ll never get an accurate result if you look for it yourself or even using different vpns. Fiverr is just weird.

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Kindly let me know does gig favorites improves gig ranking plz

It doesn’t … not even a little


Thanks Alot %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%