I am facing problem with resolution


i am facing problem with resolution.


me too…:frowning: :frowning:


What’s the problem? If you want help from other users you need to describe your problem in more details.


Yes you should write the details here.


What kind of resolution? Your comment was non-specific. Are you referring to screen resolution, or some part of Fiverr’s site not showing up the way it should? Are you referring to the buyer-seller process of trying to resolve an order disagreement? Or are you referring to something else entirely?

Could you please be more specific.


yes i am facing problem with screen resolution.


Please explain your question. We may be able to help you.



This is like pulling teeth. Can you be more specific about the issue? Is your screen cutting off or do you need to know how to change it?


You are a graphic designer with this problem I see. We can’t help. You give us no clue what is going on.


Imagine you have to deal with someone that specific during an order process. The subject alone shouldn’t even be an issue for somebody in his field. It’s like the dentist asking were to find the teeth.


If you are talking about the screen resolution on fiverr web page and some option may not appear, then it might help you.

In the Browser option use zoom out little bit Or try (Ctrl -).

if my guess is right then you found a solution.


Don’t expect any solution without explaining your problem. Looking like you don’t have time to explain, those who are interest to suggest will have to find the problem by themselves and help you get out of it.


This thread seems to be going nowhere, so it is now closed.