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I am facing this in this month. What about u

I am level one and it is showing me only 5-6 buyer requests of the present day. I don’t know why. While I was a new seller then it was showing me a 50-60 request for the present day.
I talked t other level one sellers on social media which are selling in the same category in which i a selling and they were saying that they are seeing buyer requests while here it is showing nothing.
Need help from any experienced guy.


I’m a new seller and I never got 50-60 requests showing. The max I saw was 10, but most of the time there’s either none or 2-3.


You can contact customer support they will help you to solve your problem.

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But it was showing me 50 -60 when i was.

I contacted them and they were saying that everything is ok on there end.

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I Don’t know what to tell you. For me it’s weird that you got so many as a new seller. I come to the forum everyday (it’s a great way to learn more) and I usually see the oposite: New sellers complaining that there is no buyer request showing. :thinking:

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In starting it was same with me.But when i crossed 30+ reviews then it was 50-60.