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I am Facing Troubles - Some buyers want extra work and I dont have any option because If I will not deliver they will put the negative review. How to handle them


Hi I am Anchal New User here.
I am Doing extra work for my buyers in threat of that they will put the negative review on their order and some buyers are experienced here and they know how to get extra work.

How can I handle them. I have cancelled 4 to 5 orders and due to this my cancellation is increasing.

Is there any experienced who can help me here.




First try to offer your gig extra for extra work. but if your buyer don’t want to get gig extra for extra work, make sure you have clearly mention that what you will offer in your gig description. so if any buyer asking you to do extra work, and did not like to pay extra, you can contact CS. specially when they threat you. but last option CS will cancel the order.

another option is you have to do what ever your buyer asking to do. I know that can not do. unfortunately we have no options (as i know) . I hope Top rated seller know something better option


The problem is the client has discovered your weakness and the great importance you give for reviews, and is capitalizing on that, you are offering a specific service and if the clients want more then they have to pay for it, simple as that. And if threaten you, record the conversation and pass it to CS or via dispute feature. The fact remains these clients think they can blackmail you with reviews and nothing will change such disgusting attitude unless you report them and choose your clients carefully, I better risk a bad review than be threaten to provide free services, you came here to make income and if you can’t do that because of such clients than what is the point of being here?
I advice you to do the followings:

  1. Put your foot down and clearly tell the client if they want extra, then they need to place an order.
  2. Record conversations and utilize the dispute feature with evidence on hand.
  3. Choose your clients carefully and cancel orders if you have to for such clients and better suffer cancellation than to be taken for a fool.
  4. Remember you can never make everyone happy and there is no point for compromising your principals for 100% positive reviews, try to do your best to satisfy all your clients but remember no one was ever able and will ever be able to satisfy all, some people just can’t be satisfied no matter how hard you try.
  5. Focus on delivering a quality work and let your work take care of the reviews, and don’t be bothered of bad reviews if you know it had nothing to do with your work and learn from the experience.

Whatever you do, just don’t allow to be taken for a fool or be threaten with reviews.

Good luck


Thanks for the guidance. It will help me a lot.



Welcome to Fiverr.

You can help yourself! How? Ok, lets see how can you handle such odd moment!

You can just gently say your buyers that “It breaks my heart. You don’t seem certain things you want and asked the beyond what we agreed. So, I think it would be best for you to find another seller to complete your order.”

After saying this, the buyers may leave you or may go through the program. And if the buyers continue to threat you or make you compell do the extra work, you should contact with the Customer Support Center. But in those cases, you need to provide sufficient proof like providing screenshot between you and yours buyer conversation.

If you can supply the Customer Support Team required proof, then you can hope the judge will bring you smile. Your problems will be solved by CSC.

Kind regards,
Minthal Ahmed


in that situation
Ask fiverr support to step in and cancel the order nd when fiverr. cancels the order. it will not effect you cancelation rate


I faced such type of negative remarks that was totally based on false statement.


Yes. I am agree with nthamali85. I add something that you can review your description & price(basic,standard, premium) section. I hope you find your lackness your gig theme here.
I also remind you that you can increse experience of your communication skill.


Excellent Suggestion.