I am facing Worst Fiverr Support.Really I mean it


Everyone knows we have good and worst buyer experience but I am really amazed by fiverr’s attitude toward’s my complaint.

Fiverr notified me that one of my buyer told that his/her work wasn’t completed and he/she wants it done again.

Rather than letting me know about buyer or Order number they put restriction to withdraw from my account.

Okay that’s only start…

After 20 days of restriction,I again ask them to lift my restriction and they told me one of your buyer is not satisfied.

Once again I asked for buyer name and order number so that i can complete if there is anything missing.

This is the answer I got…

"You can message all buyers to know who is not satisfied"

P.S…i have over 1200 buyers and solution advised by support is itself spam.(Yes,try to send same email to 15 buyers and your conversation option will get locked for 3-4 days and ultimately loss of business)

I am really surprised by the such attitude and solution advised by amazing support of fiverr who always been great.

Now i am stuck,the guy at support is asking me to solve a problem without tell me problem"

Your advice will help me alot.



Its very bad. I think you should submit a request again.


I have advised following…

Tell me Order Number so that i can ensure buyer get the best.
Tell me about buyer’s profile
I asked them to Refund the buyer who is not satisfied.

They are not doing anything and which is very disturbing.

How can we solve a problem if we don’t know what and where the problem is???

This is really terrible


Have you tried messaging all buyers who left you negative reviews, especially those who had written lengthy ones?


It has to be something recent to when this first happened to you.

Also, it sounds more like the buyer did a charge back with their credit card or however they paid for it. Fiverr is probably not allowed to give you that private information.

Clearly you know it is not all 1200 buyers unless you did all 1200 gigs in the past 14 days. Just backtrack in your account the last few buyers you did a gig for that the revenue would be pending for. You should clearly be able to figure this out in your account in terms of dollars it says pending in comparison to how many gigs you have completed.

Did you deliver

asadullahsatti said: Fiverr notified me that one of my buyer told that his/her work wasn't completed and he/she wants it done again.
That would rule out a charge back.
asadullahsatti said: "You can message all buyers to know who is not satisfied"
Preposterous response.
asadullahsatti said: I am really amazed by fiverr's attitude toward's my complaint.
As you should be.


Reply to @lazygeeker: Asked them multiple times


Thats simply unbelievable. How can they do that to you. I think you should give another try and submit a ticket .or may be check your recently submitted orders and send the buyer email to know if there is any problem.


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