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I am fed up. CS unjust order cancelation. AGAIN

So I got this job. Buyer wanted 24 hours delivery time. Video editing job.

I send a buyers request, I go to sleep. I woke up and it’s already 14 hours left on the job as the buyer accepted the request. I try my best and start working in a couple of hours.

The whole job, with breaks etc took me total of 30 sleepless hours. I have sent extention request for 1 day and buyer agreed. I delivered the job at about 40 hour. He was really being pushy about whole job but I understand as he paid $250 for it.

Anyway, I delivered the file, he requested some changes, I did it. Buyer said “GOOD JOB”, keep that in mind.

Then he requests the source files. Keep in mind that in NO messages whatsoever he told me about wanting the source files. I haven’t made a problem of this considering the money he paid, and I do send the source files to almost anyone who requests anyway. This is after 5 hours and delivered the final files.

So the final work is done, he says GOOD JOB, indication that he is satisfied with the work.

He is still pushing. I have told him that he never mentioned the source files. So even if I don’t send the source files, my work is still done.

He then requested the source files with this message. He is just straight up lying, saying the quality is poor. After the final file delivered, he said “good job”. I also told him that I will be willing to make any changes. I told him what I wrote here, he never mentioned the source files, but I will get them to him when I can.

This is the respond I got, cancelation request.

I said I was out of home and there is nothing I can do.

And he says I am rude. After these messages, I told him I am going to inform CS about this and they will deal with this.

Still, after 12 hours of the request of the source files, I delivered them.

2 hours later, CS CANCELED THE ORDER. In the meantime, he accepted the order and gave me 1 star review, which is still in my profile. 30+ hours of work and all I get is 1 star review.

Customer support has to change it’s way. I am fed up. My ticket hasn’t even been read and answered yet. And my order gets canceled because I didn’t provide the source files withing 15 minutes, and when I DON’T HAVE TO PROVIDE THEM, AT ALL?


Your experience is quite unjust my friend , I can see .

Fiverr Customer Support is usually taking a bit longer than usual in these COVID days.

Though ill suggest you to wait a little , explain your issue thoroughly to the CS , and they will hopefully resolve your issue or will refund you since as far as i know that you are not at mistake here.

I have been involved in many issues like that , most of the times the buyer takes the work and ask the CS to cancel the order , Our beloved Support Cancel’s the order without reading the whole matter or without resolving the issue. Now we as sellers have to do our job and we must explain our issue by opening the ticket. in these days it usually takes 10-15 days normally for the support to reply to your current ticket. And i’m sure if your right and the mistake is of the Buyer , you will get the refund or the review will be taken off!


I have to be honest and say I can’t sympathize with you. If you’re offering to do work in 24 hours, you should be able to do it within that time-frame, and surely you wouldn’t actually spend the WHOLE 24 hours working on that project? I mean, that’s ridiculous, my 24 hour gigs are only 24 hours because I can do them within 2-6 hours.

It seems you couldn’t live up to what you promised, I think you should consider not over promising just for the sake of getting a sale, it’s unfair for the buyer and unfair for you. If you need 5 days, then make it 5 days, not a 1 day of non-stop work and an extension request.


Sorry this happened to you.

Buyer now has the source files as well as the final result. Fior free. Keep an eye out for the buyer using them - if he hasn’t paid for them, they are not his to use. If you find him (or any client of his!) using them on a website or whatever, screenshot them as proof for CS … and raise a DCMA request with the host of the relevant site.

Eventually, CS will respond to your ticket. Attach the screenshots you’ve shown here. It’s quite possible you’ll be compensated. Again, that’s a wait …

In the meantime, clarifying your buyer requirements may help prevent this for the future.


I agree with you brother. In this case, fiverr’s cs is little bit slow. And only loser is the seller, on one else.


You could reply to his review saying your side of the story. Maybe also put something in the gig description or FAQ that says that the project files aren’t included so that you can show that to the buyer if they mention them or maybe charge extra if you wanted.

Maybe give higher delivery times in future orders of that type, depending on amount of orders in the queue. Maybe split the gig into more than one, with one being for video so you can give more specific delivery times for each different thing.

But I agree with the others that CS might help further once they see the ticket.

I’m sorry, if it’s a job that takes 30 hours to complete, why agree to send an offer for a 24 hours delivery in the first place? And if you didn’t know it would take you that long, why didn’t you clarify the scope of work before sending the offer?

For future reference, and to avoid such situations, perhaps it will help to clarify things in advance and not send an offer you can’t possibly fulfill.


24 hours was promised, yet he agreed to 48 hours when I explained.

This cancelation has nothing to do with final delivery. I delivered at 11.00, he said at around 4, meaning 5 hours later, GOOD WORK and THANK YOU. That’s 45th hour of the job. Then he requested the source files. I was out of home, so 6 hours later, when he couldn’t get the source file, which he didn’t mentioned at all, he change the narrative.

As I said, he thanked me and said good work at 45th hour. It has nothing to do with 24 hours delivery

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That’s quite odd that a review stays in an order that doesn’t exist anymore. For about 8 years or so any review on an order was removed if the order was cancelled to prevent abuse, but their policies have shifted towards buyer favoritism for some years now. So this kind of unfairness is something that sellers have to deal with these days.

I would understand if there’s a mutual agreement to cancel the order from both seller and buyer, in which case it can look like feedback abuse. But a person who wants free work does not deserve the right to leave a review.

Thankfully you can leave your side of the story next to the review, so anyone who reads through reviews (Usually no one) can see that you did what your description states.


I agree with kometbeats.

The way the order was conducted just gave the “buyer” space to spin the situation in their favor. 24 hours was promised (and yes, buyers do mean 24 hours from the moment they mention it, not the moment they accept the offer).

Extra fast orders are very tempting since many buyers are willing to overpay significantly. But you should only take them if you’re sure you can manage the workload and the deadline and you plan to stick around after you deliver to make last minute edits.

They just went to CS, told them the files were delivered late and probably told them that they accepted your deadline extension request because they had no time to find someone else and you were leaving them no choice. They also could mention that they planned to do some quick last minute edits themselves but couldn’t do them because there were no source files. Which made your delivery unusable. Some of those statements even could be true.

I’m sorry that you got scammed out of money. And of course, with the way CS tends to act in these situations, there would be no guarantee that you’d keep the money if you managed the order properly. But you didn’t. 30+ hours of work doesn’t just sneak up on you if you make a commitment to deliver in 24 hours max.


This isn’t the first time that a buyer of yours complains that the delivery took longer than expected, or that you should have known you were supposed to delivered something (source files, transparent file, whatever) and you didn’t.

For your own good, you might want to reconsider how you do things, and how to manage expectations better.

Or you could keep running into the same problems over and over again. It’s up to you.


Yeah. In that t-shirt post I defended the OP because he was (to my surprise) attacked by people who acted like they never bought a band t-shirt before. But here (and based on the overall post history) the issues that arise are rather peculiar, handled in an… unusual way and are easily avoidable.


I had over 300 orders, I ran into problems in like 5 of them. I don’t think that’s a problem with me, considering I have not had a problem with the rest of my 295+ orders which are completed succesfully.

Late delivery is not the issue here, as I said on my last message, he thanked me for my good work at 45th hour of the order.

The issue here is that, when he DIDN’T REQUEST the source file after everything was done (which he said was good, saying this for the 10th time on this thread), he canceled this based on the fact that I haven’t delivered the source file he didn’t request, immediately after he requested it. I have THE RIGHT TO NOT GIVE the source file as he did not tell me he wanted the source file.

Again, he was happy with the video he recieved. He agreed to extension. This is not about the quality or the time it took. He is simply playing dirty because he can’t accept the fact that I am a human being, and I can go out after I finished his job.

Say you delivered a job, simple photoshop editing, just added some text on a picture. The buyer said that it’s good. Thank he asks for the source file, but he never said it? And you don’t have access to your PC and you can’t send the source file, and source file wasn’t even requested after the job was done! I know for sure every one of you will be furious if the order was canceled because of that.

For a regular order, I’d kindly refer them to my gig terms and send them an extra for the source file. I do it all the time. For the extra fast orders, however, we get paid for a quicker reaction. We’re expected to provide a more time-sensitive service.

If it’s not possible, it’s fine. But in that case, just say that extra fast orders is not something you can do.

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I honestly feel you could have handled his a lot better. And yes some of what you said will come off as rude to anyone who reads it. These situations can be very sensitive and you need to know how to communicate best to make your buyer feel more confident that you care about their work.


You are still talking about being time sensetive and extra fast order. I showed a picture of the buyer thanking me for the good for at 45th hour of the order. Problem starts after this point.

I don’t know what I could do after the point he asks me the source file. I was not at home and he didn’t respect that. I had no obligation whatsoever to provide him the source file and still I did. And he straight up starting lying.

I feel you bro. But how you communicated your not being at home with saying fiverr was just one thing in your life wouldn’t sit well with anyone who just paid you “a quarter of a grand” to have his job done. I think you could have been a little more empathetic and probably even tried to get back home and send it to them. I also think you were trying to hard to prove you were right which is not a very smart thing to do in these situations. I’m not saying you are wrong, just saying you could have handled this a lot better.


Like I said previously, you initially agreed to the 24 hours delivery. Nobody forced you to offer 24 hours delivery on the product that would take you 30+ hours to produce. By doing that, you gave the buyer an opportunity to spin the situation in their favor.

They could go straight to Customer Support and claim that you were unable to meet the deadline. They could also claim that they agreed to the extension simply because they no longer had time to look for someone else and were forced to stick with you. And in that case, I wouldn’t even be 100% convinced that your “buyer” was lying.

I’ve been in similar situations myself outside of fiverr when I’d have to literally sit and stare at the clock and wait for another person to deliver the files for me to work with, 12-24 hours later than agreed upon. The person who promised they could deliver on time. The person who took extra money to deliver on time. It’s not a fun experience.

Again, I sympathize with the time and money you’ve lost. But you’ve managed this order poorly.