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I am fed up. CS unjust order cancelation. AGAIN

I’ve seen more than 5 reviews complaining that the delivery took too long.

But the late delivery could be used (and was used) against you.

All I’m saying is, I’ve noticed a pattern in complaints against you. If you wish to keep insisting that you did nothing wrong and that there’s no problem with the way you do things, it’s up to you. It’s none of my business, after all, unless I choose to work with you, which I won’t.

I avoid that by clearly stating in my gig description what the buyer will get, and by not accepting urgent jobs. I might be earning less that way (I probably am), but even after 1,500+ completed orders, I’ve never had problems that you’re having.

By the way, I still can’t believe you thought it was ok to offer a 24 hour delivery for something that would take you 30 hours to complete.


People never have problems until they do.

There has been a lot of good notes that other users given you. You can choose to take it to heart and see what you could’ve changed to make this order a better experience for both you and your buyer and then apply that to all future orders, or you can just dismiss everything and assume you’re not the problem, in which case you’ll probably find yourself in a similar situation in the future.

Sometimes not being the problem is not enough, be the solution instead. Although in this case I do think you bear the majority of responsibility for the order going sideways and if I were your buyer in that situation I would’ve been just as annoyed with your attitude tbh.

If you had ask for an extension already the very least you could’ve done was to tell at what time they could expect the source files. “When I get home” means nothing for someone with a tight deadline.

His review seemed genuine to me although I’ll agree that it shouldn’t stay up if the order was cancelled.

Anyway, shake it off and learn from the situation.


You gave him everything he needed to be able to do that.

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I’d say that most people would understand it as “I just got out to buy groceries, I’ll be back soon and send the files ASAP”.


You know what? Your message made me have another look and in this particular case I don’t think this would apply because the message asking for the source files was sent at 4:51 on a Saturday. It’s not unreasonable to assume people would go out on a Saturday afternoon/night.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the OP had asked for an extension and had a bit of an attitude I think things wouldn’t have gone this far. I don’t think the buyer would have minded waiting another 6 hours at this point, but he felt (rightfully so) jerked around, almost was if they were asking for a favor.

I feel a simple: “I’m away from my computer, but I’ll be back home in X hours and I’ll send them to you as soon as I get there” would have avoided this whole situation.

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I see it was sent at 6:35 PM. But yes, going out on a Saturday isn’t unreasonable, though I’d be too anxious to do it with a time-sensitive order that’s still open. That’s just me and my anxiety, though.

OP said he sent the source files 12 hours after they were requested.

It might have, yes. Clear communication usually helps. I’m not sure that the buyer would have been happy if he was told he’d have to wait another 12 hours for source files, though, not on a rush order that was already late.

You sent a 24 hours delivery offer but you didn’t delivered on time but you didn’t done it as promised so i think that is your fault.

OP should have dealt the case differently of course. It’s the lesson learned with well known measure - communication is the key.

But I am very confident that Buyer decided not to pay for delivered work and that’s it.

Buyer use arrogant, uppish, inappropriate language.

and threatens OP

which is ToS violation under Inappropriate Behavior & Language

OP should consider to defend themselves and open CS ticket.

Make summary of facts (avoid using the same Buyer’s faulty assumptions that they use as arguments like “I thought maybe getting groceries”, “I shouldn’t have to request the source files, of course I would need them.”.

Your message should refer to ToS and its violation, this is what CS can not overlook.

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Thank you for all your thoughts on this.

I have to say, the order was done at 11.00 for me, at least that’s what I understood. The buyer completely changed his narrative after he didn’t get the source files immidiately. That’s what I am trying to tell here.

24 hours being not met is not a problem as he accepted the extension, and told me that it was OK when I explained him that it is taking too long for me. It is not ideal that the order took long but we agreed over extension. Again, he only changed the narrative about 50th hour of the order. He was fine before then.

Also thank you for ToS violation info. I will forward this to CS.

Well there is nothing more to say, thanks to all who wrote here.

Fiverr doesn’t like misleading custom offers. I.e., when you promise to deliver something in 24 hours in writing and then deliver it in 48. They consider it grounds enough to demote a TRS, for instance. I’d proceed with caution here.