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I am Fed up with Fiverr " Video Moderation Team " :( ( SOLVED)

I am new to Fiverr and currently building my Gigs but they are turning into a nightmare.

The problem is Fiverr,s careless Video moderation Team. I believe they did not even look at any video and rejects it with bind eyes

Now they rejects my second video and they reason " You must state in the video that your service is offered exclusively on Fiverr "

Where as i have stated clearly that on FRONT PAGE OF MY VIDEO that any one with human eyes can clearly see that!!

I am sharing screen shot from exact video that fiverr Video moderation team rejected saying their is no “exclusively on fiverr” in the video

Please tell them they not to open eyes while they review of reject any video…

I humbly request Fiverr management to assign Responsible people on Video moderation Process.


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Message support, they will handle it. They may not see you problem here. BTW, they look at a lot of video, I’m sure it was a simple mistake.

Hi Orcatek

In the meantime i have also email their support and upload the same video again.I hope it is mistake. lets see

How long does it take for a video to be approved?

And is it a must for you to show up and talk on the video?

You are responding to a three year old topic. Surely your question can be answered asked just as easily within a new forum topic? I actually encourage a new topic, because the forum moderators tend to close outdated topics that are years old.

In short, you’d probably have a better chance at starting and maintaining an active discussion within a new forum topic. :wink:


Hm…I was thinking it is better to write in similar topic than open a new one. Anyway