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I am feeling disappointed without any order

Day by Day the new seller is becoming more disappointed without getting any order. i am new seller. i am waiting for an order . without order, the time is goi:sleepy::pensive:ng very lazy.


Why not use this free time to improve your business and sales skills?

Waiting and being disappointed never helped anyone in business and it’s really annoying to see people complain in the forum every day about not getting sales. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Take initiative and do something about it.


It’s really sp sad but you keep it up

Hope you got some Orders soon

Keep sharing the gigs on your social networks

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Amen :pray: @elias_dawa couldn’t get any better advice than this.


Posting your gig on social media repeatedly does not make sales more likely. It doesn’t matter what your message is or what hashtags you use. Social media doesn’t generate business that way.

The myth that posting repeatedly on social will get you sales is annoying because these promotional posts from Fiverr sellers are everywhere. I can’t go onto my Twitter without seeing them and it’s so annoying. People don’t follow you to see you posting your gig over and over and over again.


The orders will not come rolling towards you without struggle. You need to think of the ways to get orders. Write attractive buddings with kool Gigs. Otherwise its just a waste of time.

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I absolutely agree with @humanissocial feeling pity to yourself Ian not going to bring you anything.
Behind every and each success always stands hard work and hours of dedication, education, research, looking for the ways to make t work, looking for the there ways when previous didn’t work and constantly improving yourself.

Nothing comes easy in this world and YOUR business is YOUR responsibility.

I would suggest to stop giving harmful advices. That’s called fraud and manipulating system for your personal gain which is against fiver TOS.


If your family or your friends purchase any gig from you or need any services from you, like if your friend purchase a logo service from you for their own company, it means it comes in fraud and you are manipulating fiverr system. Your friends cannot purchase anything from you cause you know him. This is consider as a fraud and manipulation of fiverr system.

Clap clap clap

What a brilliant suggestion.
A brilliant suggestion after a long time.

Clap clap to you. Friends indeed can buy your gig when they really need to buy it.
But what and how you are suggesting to do it is going to get those people banned. They just literally will ask their friends to buy their cheapest gig without providing real service just to get a good review.

So stop implying that we are idiots and you are the one smart here. Before giving harmful advices at least try to word them properly.


What is harmful or not, let’s fiverr decides it. And as far as my suggestions is concerned, why people promotes their gig on social platform, because people may know that you are a seller there and providing their services and they can purchase your gig for different services.

My way of saying could be little misleading but if I said in that way that promote your gig on social sites then what? Either way is correct.

But How we see the things is over to ourselves.

Don’t get disappointed, you will get order.Use the Buyer requests properly and offer new clients excellent services and attract them on their requests by Buyer request,by this way you will get orders soon.


It’s hard to get orders at the beginning, but when you complete your first order is a beautiful feeling, believe me. Than will come the second order, and the third one, but it will take time.
It will take time because not everyone can trust the beginners in a freelancing.
Even in real life, when you are a new emplyed to a company you will not receive the same trust as the one emplyed for years.

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Probably, if you keep waiting for this order, you will never get it.

Fiverr works like any other place outside internet. If you want to sell something, you must run after your public and promote your services.


Yes, you should have been more specific about that.

Especially when they happen to be new sellers, and I wonder if they later come here to post ‘Sales have gone down, what am I doing wrong’…

I believe every seller should device means which work best for them, in my own case I send some BRs and when I get a couple of orders, my sales begin to rise.

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The bottom line is this, if you listen all Fiverr ambassadors suggestion, you will never get any order easily…


Here are some useful points, which I think may be very useful:

  1. Make your gig a very better and your title line must be very clear.
  2. Offer lowest prices and provide most quality job if you get any order
  3. Be very polite with buyers
  4. Add video in your gig of your service . Video has great impact.
  5. Whenever you apply for any job, don’t always copy paste the same text, read the buyer requirement and answer accordingly.
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Those are the norms.

Its a bad practice to undersell yourself.

I will leave you with this.

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Suggestions here is like health insurance policy. Everybody wants to sell it here stating others policy wrong.

But its over to you, to whom you listen

Same here :confused: But as we keep improving and advertising, maybe someone will appreciate our service one day. Heads up :slight_smile:

Why are you bored?
Fiverr forum is a true goldmine for suggestions, tips and experience.
And, boy, it’s a HUGE goldmine!
There’s no time for boredom. :wink:


Sorry, but this is bad and harmful advice.

Please don’t do this. Selling for the “lowest price” isn’t the way to get sales. It’s not only an ineffective ways to get sales because thousands of other Fiverr sellers also undersell to try to get sales, but because it encourages people to further exploit you and undervalue your skills.

What’s the point in being on a site if you aren’t actually going to make even decent money?

You guys need to perpetuate the myth that getting sales requires people work for peanuts. It doesn’t at all and if you do your research you’ll see that it. It’s not true at all and you’re encouraging people to downgrade their income and devalue their skills, energy and resources. It’s not right.