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I am feeling really sad but I have to say Bye to Fiverr from my life

I am really upset right now after contacting Fiverr for an alternative payment method from last 3 years. but they always said contact with payoneer and payoneer says contact with Fiverr. I am going to close my fiverr account where I had 5000+ Clients and 3100+ Five star reviews.

Sort story: I have only one payment method “Payoneer” and Payoneer blocked me for undisclosed reason, they never told me the reason and they said contact with fiverr and when I contact with fiverr support they said contact with payoneer. I am going through this cycle from last few months. I am working here at fiverr not for payoneer, Fiverr should have their own payment method where Payoneer would be optional(just a suggestioin). However, Bye Fiverr and Thank you for everything you did for me in past 3 years.

The same problem is mine. Unfortunately payoneer block my account :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

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There is nothing to do then, Don’t waste your time contacting payoneer.

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