I am finally a LEVEL2 Seller! Yayy


Hey everyone. I just wanted to share with you a great news. I am finally a Level2 Seller (yayy) when I have joined here (four months ago) I never ever thought/expected to become a Level2 seller but now I am!

So what does said Nelson Mandela? It always seems impossible until it’s done because it applies here too :slight_smile:

Since I am a Level2 Seller I have started to see a quick improvement in my statistics, I can see some positive changes in Impressions, Clicks and Views (hope soon will rise up on Orders)

I will keep providing quality services for everyone who chooses my services and I hope to make a better Fiverr experience for my customers. I love to be here and I will never regret that 27th August 2016 when I’ve created my account.

Thanks Fiverr, and thank you all (buyers, sellers for your orders and tips provided here on forum) I’ve learned a lot from you all.
I appreciate you all and hope this year to be amazing for all of us!


Congratulations and good luck ;):champagne:


Congratulations and best wishes for your success!:slight_smile:


That’s very cool! Glad you persevered through the first few difficult months! I hope your success will continue to build going forward!


Congratulations, you’re source of inspiration to me.


Thank you so much @brittanywriter I appreciate it a lot!
Wish you more success with your gigs this year :grin: Keep up the great work!


Congrats serban95 !! Keep it up !!


Congratulations! best wishes on your success. :+1:


Congratulations Buddy! I just received My level 2 badge 2 days ago well. And Its been 3 months on Fiverr. Its Actually great :slight_smile:


Congratulations ,you will be Top Rated Seller very soon. Tata Madiba also said " After climbing a great hill,one only finds that there are many more hills to climb"



Congrats for your success and Achievement. Just do your good work and provide quality services, Hope you will get TRS Badge soon :slight_smile: Good Luck and Best Wishes. Thanks


How Long will it actually take to become TRS? I suppose is a matter of years.


I’ve read somewhere through this Forum that some Sellers got their TRS badge very soon after they got the Level2 badge. So… nothing is impossible :slight_smile: We just have to keep providing quality content and please our buyers with a great job done.
Here is the link if you would like to read more How to become top rated seller!

[quote=“ozzieuk, post:6, topic:2910, full:true”] Reply to @____: I’d been a buyer for about a year before so was pretty active then took my hand to selling, getting those initial sales were tough I did my 10 got level 1 did my 50 got level two about a day later got selected for TRS ! the rest is history as they say. I know you will get there tho Bruce, you deserve it! [/quote]


hmm You probably is right. But i am bit confused about community leadership thing. Do I have to post on forum on a regular basis to get nominated to TRS as 1 of the feature?


Honestly @nabz053 I don’t know exactly, maybe yes. that’s the thing Fiverr expect from us. To contribute even into this forum and not only selling stuff to buyers. We should be the ones who talk, suggest and spread positive vibe around here and boost confidence in new sellers who join here to don’t give up. It’s a win-win for all of us if you think deep about it.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . thumbs up!


@serban95 congrats and best wishes for your future sales :slight_smile:


The first and foremost I say congrats and best of luck for your future endeavour.Bro, you are lucky and hard always pays off.!!!.Well, yesterday I got 1 seller batch after 1 year. And you joined August 2016 and you have got 2 Seller batch. Really hats off to you. Can you tell me where you promote your gig ?and how long do you spend in fiveer forum?


Best of luck for TRS.



The same question over and over again, doesn’t anyone read? Most TRS have never posted on the forum before they got their badge.