I am finally a LEVEL2 Seller! Yayy


Congratulation ::+1:


congratulations. :heart_eyes:




Congrats! :slight_smile:


Congratulation Of course :smiley:
I know your feelings :smiley:


Congrats buddy!!! Things will get interesting from here on out…keep the HUSTLE alive…I wish u all the success going forward.


Thank you so much for your message. I hope you all the same! :slight_smile:


Very exciting times! Congrats and wish you even more success moving forward :slight_smile:


You are a level 2? I did not know there were even levels to this…game? I want to be a level…5?..some day. Is there a level 5? How many levels are there?



here you go: https://www.fiverr.com/levels


Not sure if you are for real or not, but I did check out your gig:

some pointers:

-your target audience is a niche market. so don’t expect to getting dozens of orders anytime soon.
-you advertise “master” dance moves and yet there’s no video to actually show prospects how great you are or what they’ll be getting
-I’m pretty sure the “shake my @ss” thing is against fiverr’s ToS. So it would be a shame if you actually found your audience at some point, only for Fiverr to take your gig down. So you may want to rephrase that, or remove it altogether.


You are good guy Frank. You help Jack a bunch. Maybe I need to read rules.

I will change and make it more wink, wink.

Video of my dance mastery will come soon. Just make account today because of Piewdipie, poor guy.


Congratz and best wishes to you .


Congratulations and good luck :slight_smile: :hamburger:


Congratz… Keep it up…



I hope you will be Top Rated Seller soon!


Keep it up :slight_smile:
also pray for me please


Congratulations!! I just made it myself about 2 months ago :slight_smile: