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I am first user in FIVERR how to promote my gigs?


Present i working at people per hour as professional retoucher. I do not understand much about feverr, I want to know how it works retouchin in the market place can be successful.


You should always activate on Fiverr and fiverr forum. Also Facebook amrketing can help you


Spell Fiverr correctly would be a great start! You need great gig descriptions and to promote what you do on social media. Talk about what you do that is different to the rest of the sellers on Fiverr to stand out from the crowd.


You managed to incorrectly spell Fiverr twice in two different ways. I’m not sure how far you’re going to go here. Fiverr, whether you like it or not, is an English-speaking platform. Do your research by looking at the academy and terms of service. Read articles and blogs. See if you think you’re a fit.


Try promoting your service in Facebook group and google plus group with of course related to your niche.