I am Freelancer of Graphic design and Translations that hopes to get ahead in your country



I am Javier Cordova and I currently live in Venezuela and due to the economic situation in my country, employment in a company is no longer an option (believe it or not, the salary of an employee of a company gets what is equivalent to $ 10! ! a month !!). For that reason, to get ahead, I have decided to become a Freelancer of graphic design and translation in this popular site.
I am currently a new seller and I have no orders, (to begin is harder than I thought …)
Even so, I hope to embark on this site. Greetings to all through this good forum.
I have knowledge in graphic design, due to the studies and work experience in this, and I also had the opportunity to study English, (to be able to do translations)
In any case, do not continue extending this. This is the link of my services: https://www.fiverr.com/javiercordoba18
I hope you support me and welcome me!


Welcome Javier! It’s hard the situation over there but I’m glad that you´re looking for other ways to earn money. Indeed is not easy to start but there are many resources in here (the forum) so you can follow those tips.


Thanks!! bro. I will try to improve more and more in this.


Hello welcome, I’m sorry to hear about the situation in your country.
As long as you do what you are supposed to do ( be professional, honest, and be
good at what you do) you will be fine.

I do have a question though.
For your logo design gig, in the sample image it says Logo desing and not design.
Is that intentional?

If it’s a mistake you should fix it right away.
Trust me, logo designs are VERY competitive here, small mistakes like that will
drive buyers away for sure.

Good luck and happy gigging.


Thank you Zeus-san for the correction
I did not realize I’ll fix it