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I am from Programming & Tech ( Support & IT )


Hi All of you :slight_smile:

I am from Support & IT, joined approx 5 month and earned level two about 1 month ago. Thanks to fiverr… After level 1 my GIG got boost up. i have reviews fiverr programming and tech gallery but not seen Top Rated Sellers :frowning: , I have no idea about much that, but i want to TRS in Tech… :slight_smile:

Please suggest friends :slight_smile:


TRS gave me a stamp of approval, but I was already doing really well financially at level 2. You have the tools right now to make $1000 to even $3000.00 a month or more at level 2. Some of my best gigs were the ones I developed later, even 1 year after I started.

Participate in the community here and in the linkedin sellers group. Help make Fiverr a better place. I was really surprised when I was awarded TRS. But if it doesn’t happen soon, you will still be able to do really well. Level 2 is very respected.


Thanks landongrace, You inspired me to do thing more…