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I am from "TRANSLATION MISSING" missing, apparently

I am from “TRANSLATION MISSING” missing, apparently.

Perhaps it’s just a temporary glitch on my end? I don’t know. Seems a little weird, though. Worth contacting CS about? Anyone know if maybe they’re working on maintenance in this particular aspect of the page or something? Anyone else experiencing this issue?

freelancemm said: I am from "TRANSLATION MISSING" missing, apparently.

I've always wanted to go there!

Hey if you ever wanna go, I have some translations gigs:)))

On a more serious note, I’ve never seen that before so I think you should contact CS.

@voiceoverwork Yeah, I have heard it’s quite nice this time of year.

@cristinaghy Ha, I might stop by! Yeah, I was thinking of giving it about 24 hours to see if it fixes itself. If not, I will pop a message. It doesn’t seem to be glitching up anywhere else so for the time being it doesn’t seem like it’s an absolute priority issue. I actually surprisingly had an issue like this before that eventually fixed itself. I figure it will do the same again.

“TRANSLATION MISSING”…didn’t that star Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray??? Or was that the sequel?

@celticmoon: Ha, yeah. Something like that. Fiverr is starting to become like a movie set with scripts that just don’t hold together like they used to. Hours later, and it still hasn’t fixed itself. When I wake up tomorrow and it’s still like that I will I guess report the bug. A bug of which shouldn’t even exist at this late of a stage in a website.

And the flag…it looks like the “Kiribati” flag that I’ve heard sometimes shows up on accounts NOT from Kiribati. Like the U.S.! But at least those glitches named a real country~

Good luck!

Yeah, it’s been close to 24 hours from when I first noticed it. Will be mentioning it a little later. Not sure it’s really all that big of an issue, but if this is bugging up, other parts may be as well.

Update: Although I doubt anyone cares all that much, I sent a ticket in regards to this issue. I suppose this thread can be closed at whatever point. It doesn’t seem like anyone’s had this particular issue before.

They didn’t admit the fault despite numerous other people seeing it and then blamed me, what a surprise. This thread can be closed, they fixed it one way or another despite deciding not to admit it.

Welcome back to America! How was your trip? Not so great, huh? No worries, we’re glad to have you back~ :-h

Ha thanks, I always like to visit new places!