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I am frustrated because of wrong orders

3 Wrong orders in 2 days and all got canceled!

This is the gig, it’s clearly mentioned that do not send me a direct order because every design costs different according to the design requirements.

And what happens, 3 wrong orders which cost $10 each and asking for $100 work in each. When I tell them, they don’t want to continue. Then why I will suffer because of this? My order completion rate goes to 90% from 95% and also of course each cancellation affects the gig in some ways.

Contacted CS, they cannot do anything about it.
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This is so rigged. I want to say so many things but professionalism. But where is the professional way to handle the orders? Why only seller sacrifice things.

It’s already covid19 and I am already suffering from depression, and these things happen. Why cannot they read a stupid line that I have mentioned?

Fiverr cares nothing about us (sellers) in these situations. I have always respected Fiverr but there is a limit for everything. I am the most chilled person, but it hurts when someone is that stupid and then lies about a thing and that thing affects me because of their actions.

Fiverr, Allow sellers to approve and disapprove of the orders before taking them, at least learn from your competitors. Stop wasting you money on marketing and do some good work. See outside of your dream, bubble and you will see real sellers are suffering. They hate Fiverr.


IF you want to avoid this. The Only thing You can do is, to satisfy your customers. And don’t cancel your orders instead you can communicate with the buyer and ask them for some more bucks.

In the event of a cancellation Fiverr punishes sellers.

It is the only aspect of Fiverr that I wish would change.

It is not right that a buyer can purchase a gig, then cancel the order - leaving the seller in a worse position through no fault of their own.

Sure, allow buyers to cancel an order if you must, but don’t punish the seller.

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Sell my soul?

Only if you read this:

You have completely missed the point. Read what the op has written.

The op has a very well written gig description. He clearly asks potential buyers to message him BEFORE purchase - even outlining the benefit to the buyer.

Yet, despite being clear, buyers are choosing to ignore his instructions.

This then leads to a cancellation through no fault of the seller.

It’s not good enough for you to then say “The Only thing You can do is, to satisfy your customers. And don’t cancel your orders”.

The buyers are at fault - not the seller. Sellers should not have to put up with idiots.

You are only encouraging this behaviour.

The problem here is that Fiverr’s automated systems can’t know who is at fault. And honestly there are way too many orders for someone to just do this manually. I am pretty sure they won’t ever change this, which is unfortunate.

If the system doesn’t know whose fault is it, then the system cannot only punish the seller, either punish both of them or neither of them.

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I agree that it’s unlikely to change.

However, to say it’s unfortunate is in my opinion underplaying the problem being faced by sellers and the impact on good people like @iamsachmusic.

Imagine a criminal justice system where a suspect is always presumed guilty and juries were therefore no longer required. That is effectively what is happening here.

All Fiverr has to do is scrap the automatic presumption that the seller is at fault. That’s it. That’s all that has to change.