I am Frustrated in my gig


Hello Everyone,
I have some gig. First times my gig’s Impression, view, click are very good. But Nowadays I saw my gig Impression, Click, View are very low. It happened to 15days+.
I attached a picture in my file.I share my gig daily on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and forum posting. But no improve. Please show this attached file

and give some advice me, How can I Improve my gig Click, view, and Impression.


I have also no order in last few days, very frustrated


the same situation …I m also frustrated


Hei! Hang on in there! Keep on sharing ! Don’t give up :wink:


@hentumusic Thank you for your comment.


If it isn’t working then do something about it! Make some small changes, look at what your competitors are doing and get some research done. If you are not selling then you will have some time on your hands.

Always reviews your stats and your gig every week to make sure that they are doing everything you want them to do.


Also use buyers request.
Try to check it hourly and notice the time the offer comes in and then quickly submitt your request to those offers that have the minimum number of offers it will help buyer consider yours. With large amount of offers buyers will only read first few.
It worked for me, I hope it will for you.


@homeestates Thanks for the replay