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I am getting a level demotion because of a Fiverr mistake

Recently i had to cancel 3 orders, however, one of them was canceled due to a bug (the order was duplicated, and one of them was automatically canceled by fiverr) this made my “order completion” red (89%), Since my next evaluation will be on February 14th, I think it is unfair to receive a level demotion because of a fiverr error

I believe customer service can rectify that.

I spoke to them about a related concern before (a permanent unread messages that I can’t find in any folder) because it will affect my response rate, they say that if it happens… They will fix it for me.

Don’t quote me on this but I think you can voice your concern with the CS.


Yes CS very good about fixing an issue if it’s not your fault and changing your stats to reflect that. Send screen shots and be factual and kind.

However, I have had regular customers order by mistake and I still see the percentage drop after CS cancels the order.

Do contact with CS immediately. They will provide you the best solutions for sure.