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I am getting impressions but not clicks. Is this normal?

Hello there. I am new seller here with 0 rarings. It’s been 2 days I started my gig. I am getting 167 impression but 2 clicks in my gig. Is this normal? Plz check out my gig and let me know if there are some problems.

Gig link :point_down::point_down:


You have nothing to worry about right now. The right way to marketing your Gig on various social media is the only way to increase your clicks along with impressions.

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Thanks for the info. Please kindly check my gig and tell me what’s right or wrong :pray:

Share the gig on social media. There will be a lot of impression clicks and post on web2.0


Thanks for the info. But What is WEB 2.0?

You published only one Gig, But you can publish 7 Gigs and you should. Then you get more buyer requests. The chance of probability to get order will be increase.