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I am getting impressions on my gig but not any order


I have been posting gigs which are in my skills to make and provide the necessary service but i am not getting any response! what should i do ?


Impression is not everything you have to.increase CLICKS and VIEWS as well so do some SEO of your gigs. :heart_eyes:
Thank you


Now check the Buyer Request section and offer your gigs. When you have some positive reviews people will easily order it.
Research the top sellers on your categories and try to improve them.


Make more gigs, do some SEO, use your tittle word 3 times in your description
chose those tags, which you think the buyer will type while finding your niche.
Be online, send buyer request. Share your gigs on social media.
Be patient I got my first order after one month of joining.


Keep some patience do some SEO promote your gigs as mush as you can and have fun…
One day you will get your order wait for that day…
All the best @vigyavan :slight_smile:


thank you so much for your help @roxita


i don’t know how to do that! @ruhul_tusar


thank you all of you. I appreciate your concern! @ruhul_tusar @roxita @zaiba202 @kingsart98


share your gig in different social media when people click on the link and see your gig then your click abd view will increase. :purple_heart:


Thanks for your valuable suggestion but how can SEO my gig?