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I am Getting no order at my gig

Hi guyz i have a problem,its been 5 days since i created my gig,just a few clicks and views in the first 2 days and no orders,what wrong here,i am not even getting new buyers can check my gig at


Only five days? You might have to be patient a bit longer than that. Some successful sellers didn’t see their first sales for a few weeks, even a few months. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. You’re going to have to treat your gigs like a business, and that includes marketing and promoting them to to the customers and buyers that need what you have to offer.

Sitting around doing nothing does NOT lead to success. Take action. Be a doer.


I don’t know how quickly you should expect to get gigs as a new seller with no track record. Maybe it takes a while before someone will try you, I don’t know. But one thing to look at is your gig description for the copywriting gig. To sell copywriting your description needs to be really well written but you have some punctuation errors (missing spaces after commas and full stops (periods)) so I’d definitely address those, and then just review the whole copy to ensure its a shining example of good copywriting.

[Edit] P.S. There are some spelling mistakes on your logo gig description too that would be worth correcting. It all helps to create a good impression and inspire confidence.


Good advice :sunglasses: @jonbaas


I don’t know if the profile pic is really you or not. But, I like the top knot hairstyle.


Hope this link can help you…


You are a man of the texting generation. This will not serve you well with your writing/translating gigs. Clean up your gig descriptions, profile and slogan, or buyers will assume that you dunno how 2 rite.


So bro can u help me out on it like kinda how can that be changed.


Just wait and keep sending proposals on buyer requests. It will take months


There is nothing you can do to directly increase your impressions. Impressions are only registered when your gig shows up in a Fiverr search, or someone visits the category page where your gig is listed. You cannot control either of these things, therefore, you cannot control your gig impressions.

Focus on improving the things that you can control, like marketing, promotion, an eye-catching well-design gig, etc. Your success depends upon the actions YOU take to help people know that your gig exists.

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Be patient. It takes time to get orders when you are new. Work on your gigs. You will see results soon.


This is a great post. Thank you for all the information. I’m reading a ton about marketing this year and this is spot on. Thanks again.


Tom, I’m in the same boat. Just keep reading all the articles and changing what they suggest. I have seen the views go up the last few days from doing that. I’ll just keep adding gigs and fixing them until I see some movement. I’m also marketing outside Fiverr to see who I can bring in. Hope that helps.


Be patient and keep doing the right thing and make sure you are ready for the right promotion and marketing challenge. You can get interested buyers through your promotion and marketing