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I am getting no orders

hey there,
I am not getting any orders, I am just getting good impressions but not any work. Plz view my gig and let me know what is not going right.

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With things like transcription work and writing, clients want to see grammatically correct English in the gig. You are probably using a program, which is fine, but clients looking for this service probably aren’t aware of that. If they are getting English transcribed they want to hire someone that is at a native level. You’re missing articles and have structural issues. A big turnoff for English speakers. Hope that helps and good luck!


90% accuracy is just a bit suspicious, sounds like you have a machine doing the work for you. If I hire a transcriber, I expect 100% accuracy.

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Hello @samwrightwrites and @visualstudios thank you review my gig I really appreciate it. I request you to plz view it once again here as I have made some changes as per your recommendations.

Thank You

Changing it from 90% to 100% changes nothing. Why did it say 90% before? Did you just improve 10% instantaneously? Or are you being misleading now? Don’t do that.

Good improvements. Be honest. I think even a manual transcription wouldn’t be 100%. With audio not everything can be heard clearly, etc.

If you send me the text in a doc or docx file I will edit it for you.

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