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I am getting no orders :-(

Hello my name is shakeeb. i start fiverr one year ago. i work in file conversion niche at start i was getting so many order some really big up to $300 . but suddenly my orders stopped i try everything but result is same i starts try other niches but still no progress please someone help me out.


Are you sure you are posting your gigs in the right category? What keywords are you using? Check your competitions keywords and be sure you are using the current ones. Also, if you use google keyword planner it will help you with that.

yes richiecanuck i use the write keywords

Try updating your gigs. it might effect impression of your gigs

Try sharing your gigs in social media - I’ve always noticed an increase in buyer activity/inquiries when I share my gigs. Buyer requests is also a great place to visit when the orders stop coming in. Use all 10 of your bids wisely everyday, and you’ll see orders coming in within a day or two.
Best of luck

I am also getting nothing on fiverr please suggest something effective

work on your description make sure is not crowded with words always hit your point. Try to make a short video of your gig and awaits what happen next.

thanks alot

I am also have same problem…


Do online search of the services you are providing and see if your gig is showing there. If, not than contact fiverr support team.

same problem

Be Positive and do not think about orders all the time. :slight_smile: they will find you themselfes!

I Need help getting more gigs too and have tried EVERYTHING~ any advice on this next attempt for a deal?


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I think for that to work, you need something more valuable than a photoshop mosaic. Also, this will be considered spam. It’s going to damage more than help you.

Most referral offers use a bigger carrot with a smaller stick. This is going to fail. Go ahead, try it–but don’t say you weren’t warned.

Also, your video is hilarious. “JPEG file for printing” “maccaronis”. Hoo boy.

Since you asked for advise I suggest correcting some mistakes in your profile to start with.

I have same problem
on this gig facebook cover making