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I am getting problem with my new buyer

I get an order today one buyer , My service name is : I will promote your ico,crypto to millions of investors on facebook

here 3 plan BASIC STANDARD PREMIUM this honorable buyer order on BASIC plan , ** BASIC** plan , i says ( promote your message and url to 400k cypto audience )

at first time i post on crypto relegate group on facebook here total audience size 381,045.00 , then i deliver my order , but after 10 min u see buyer REQUESTED A REVISION , than i send message this buyer and told him why make this he told me he want another platform post i told him BASIC plan i can’t post another platform but i give you 1 forum post as extra , than i do it

than again deliver but now he again and again REQUESTED A REVISION , total i make post on facebook 381,045.00 audience size , make forum 2 post , 1 tweet , 3 LinkedIn post

here twitter , forum , linkedin ( fully extra service in my gig ) still here don’t accept order ,

in this case i am so worry about this , i need expert suggestion what i need to do


So you delivered on the order as advertised but the buyer used the “request revision” button to ask for additional out of scope work?

By delivering the additional work you set up yourself to be taken advantage of further.

You need to post an update on the order page informing the buyer that you did as advertised and what was purchased for, and kindly but firmly inform them of their options:

Accepting the delivery or getting more work for $X.


he want more extra work , i already give him 3 platform extra service , but he not happy

Yes, that’s what I am getting at:

Stop delivering extra work for free.

Inform them you did what you were paid for, and then some. Present them with just two options.

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in last message i say this : you tell me post on twitter post , i already done twitter post , linkedin post and forum post which is additional service sir

That’s not what I suggested, at all.

I suggested you presented them with an option to close out the order or agree to a fee you seem fair depending on their latest request.

You are in a tough spot because the buyer is trying to take advantage of you, and you enabled them by playing along so far.

My suggestion will not make this go away and your buyer will probably utilize all available tools (revisions, review, refund) at their disposal but at least this way you will take a stand and also help CS see that the buyer is abusive if/when they go through all communications)

my gig i offer only facebook crypto relegate group post in basic plan ,

STANDARD plan i make post on facebook, twitter and likedin
PREMIUM plan i offer facebook,likedine google plus and crypto forums

but sadly he is not happy even after i give him additional service free , he order basic and he want PREMIUM plan service, now he not response ,