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I am getting scammed please someone help as i am just starting out

hello fiver community i hope everyone is doing well i have some questions
so i got an order by some client who seemed very shady they asked for an 3d animation of 15 seconds for 50 dollars ( is this a good price or is it cheap ) they are from a different country but the brand they want me to advertise is from uk ( which is very weird because the company is located in uk but they are saying the company belongs to them )
they asked me an advert as the same quality as the ones in my profile ( i delivered even better then that )
i made the advert 20 seconds and said i am not going to charge extra as it was my first gig ( they said they wanted only 15 sec which is strange as it is an extra service)
and after the delivery the second day they sent a cancellation request saying its bad quality and they will not use it (which is the weirdest because i kept sending my work and how i was doing it i didnt really find them comunicating well when all they said was okay good yes and things like that and on top of that they asked me do other gigs and put the current gig on pause which i refused as i know if i am late they can cancel the order so i delivered late in 3 hours only as i wanted the give them good quality ( the one who spoke to me never ordered their team ordered which is a different account altogether ) and then they are requesting mutual cancellation so what am i supposed to be doing here as i delivered what i promised and nobody had any problems untill the second day of delivery and its my first gig i am going to get bad reputation because of this and i am afraid even the money is going to be cancelled they even took unlimited revisions which i agreed so please tell me what am i supposed to here i already contacted customer support but i am not getting any reply its been 24 hours now thank you

Mod Note: Country/region reference removed. I am getting scammed please someone help as i am just starting out


You need to remove the name of the buyer’s country from your post as that is not allowed on the forum.

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oh okay i just removed that i wasnt trying to discriminate or anything i just found that weird so i mentioned it on the post can you please tell me if they will be able to cancel the order or payment and how can i prevent low reputation because of this thank you

If you type “effects of cancellation” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you may find interesting.

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okay thanks i have checked everything and also reported to customer service i think ill just have to wait untill they reach back

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HI, about price, no one can tell you it’s cheap or not cheap , because only you know what you can do and only you know the details of the customer’s needs , if you think that is good price for you , than you can do it , if you think it’s too low, you can ask more an have a agreement for the price with buyers.

And why you create a 20 seconds animation if buyers only ask for 15 seconds? Do 15 sec only as what they want , that’s not strange , it’s your problem, not buyer’s problem . Because if they upload the video some where as a video ad or etc , they can not use too length , so don’t try to create the animation too length if buyers didn’t ask you to do that .

And a little sorry about that , I’m not understand so well other of your problems here , so they cancel the last order ( what you did for 20 seconds ) , and then place other new order and ask you do other kind of new work again ?


hello lilly thank you for reaching out
well okay ill tell you what happened
they wanted a promotional advertisement video and they wanted to add some effects on the video so i asked them what kind of effect they want they said they want me to take creative direction and the last 5 seconds was of the effect they asked for and when they said it has to be 15 seconds and they dont want 20 seconds i asked them is there amything they want to cut out to make it short and they asked to cut out a part of the video and when i sent them the 15 seconds video they didnt respond and asked to cancel the order i asked them if they want any changes on the video or anything i could do they didnt respond and sending disputes over disputes
so thats about the length i wouldnt have made 20 seconds if they didnt wanted me to take creative direction and i even told them ill make changes but they didnt seem to agree

they didnt place any new order they are only sending cancel requests even after i tried to sort things out and i even told them to tell me if there is anything i didnt do as i promised they are not responding well

during the 5 days period i have sent samples before finalizing the scene they were okay with it
only after the delivery before one day of payment they are trying to cancel the order
they have got unlimited revisions but they didnt use that either

please can you tell me what i should do i feel like i am getting scammed here