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I am getting scared

Dear fiverr users,

we are selling each day allot off gigs and we thank fiverr for doing that but since this week we are getting messages from fiverr support that some orders are cancelled.

after checking our own systems we see that the service is delivered and completed and think why is that order cancelled

we always get the standard reaction off fraud payment and the user gets deleted we can understand that fiverr does not get money out of the transaction so we are not getting it too. This breaks my heart because it’s not a order of five dollar but 30 +

and then that some users just send a message too fiverr support team and we are not getting contacted and they delete the completed gig i lost over 140 dollars off profit and i want that fiverr can stop these frauds and give me assuring s that i can get the money within 14 days i am getting scared to accept an order now.

What annoys me in this regard, is that I’ve had 2 people try to cancel an order and run off with free work who are classed as ‘top-rated buyers.’ - In this case, does Fiverr just give top rated buyer crowns to every old hillbilly?

As for the paypal charge back situation, Fiverr says it can’t do anything about this, but I find the entire Fiverr payment system in need of a revamp. Ebay, for example, processes most payments through Paypal and doesn’t have this problem with chargebacks. If it did, people would be opening accounts each day, buying computers and the like and using a paypal chargeback as soon as goods were dispatched to get their money back.

Of course, it can be said to be a little un-PC to question the Fiverr hand that feeds you. However, if you are a seller on another platform, it’s problems like this which mean that you will never be lured to Fiverr.

Actually, ebay does have such issues. I’ve lost close to $750 between Jan-May 2016. Including one lady who purchased a large hi-def smart TV w/ articulating wall mount. She cancelled payment because “the item was a little dusty and had a scratch on the back of the unit”. Another person that got refunded for home stero system - because they said it was never received (despite providing a signed receipt of delivery). Completely lost out on 3 other sales because I could not print shipping labels for the month these two items were in contention.

After years of being on the site - I no longer sell on ebay…

This ranting pot is not viewed by The Fiverr support team and if someone yells and curses and threatens me i do it back because no one is stepping over me then i receive a message that its forbidden to do that i understand but stealing someones hard work is forbidden too

Welcome to the new economy I guess. I sympathise.

I was a bookseller on ebay before I became a freelance writer. I can tell you ebay has serious problems. There’s no guarantee that sellers will get paid. A lot depends on the goodwill of the buyers. Also, items can get lost, or damaged during the shipping. There are the ebay fees to contend with. Selling on ebay is not worth the trouble.

I’ve got someone threatening to refute an order through paypal after telling me it’s great and the video is on his site right now. He couldn’t figure out how to download the video off of fiver , a dropbox link , or his inbox and blames me for giving him bad service for that reason alone. His 1 star review was fixed and removed by staff due to my ticket… And he left another on the same order 10 days later. They wont fix it though this time… And I’m just waiting to see that paypal refusal on his order.

The level of support should be a bit better if they get 20% of our income. Some sellers like myself making fiverr upwards of $200 per month.

Top rated buyers just means they have spent about $400 on fiverr.