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I am getting so annoyed because of what my friend is doing

Ah so it’s like I and a close friend of mine we are both K-POP fans. But my Friend only knew about 2 groups but I shared a lot of new groups and all that stuff with her.
At first it seemed quite fun we used to have same interests I used to tell her about new stuff everyday but now she is annoying me literally what ever group, actor or Idol I have followed on Instagram she follows them and she doesn’t even know them and she asked me what are my favorite groups and I told her but now she’s like my groups are also the same as yours.
I know it’s a bit selfish of me but now it isn’t fun anymore this annoys me a lot.

“Your fiverr experience” is indeed quite interesting and unique.


Have you tried enrolling in adult classes?


Start suggesting other groups for them to listen to. I suggest:

  • KISS
  • PUSA
  • Rage against the Machine
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Black Sabbath
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