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I am getting SO TIRED of people stealing my bio and gigs!

It’s absolutely ridiculous how often my damn gig text and bio text gets stolen - at this point it’s impacting my productivity because I have to run Copyscape literally every other day just to keep up with these pieces of crap. Today I had a new thief that had popped up overnight and didn’t even try to hide the fact he stole my entire bio:

…literally all he did was trade out his name (in all caps, too) for my own. The only gig he has active is also a 100% match to my own gig text on my most popular gig. I mean, do they just think they’ll slide under the radar? I’ve made no secret of the fact I routinely and aggressively protect my work and brand, you’d think they’d learn. Copyscape has a nifty little shared URL report feature that Fiverr CS finds helpful - these absolute pieces of human excrement get their ill-gotten gigs taken down real fast, but I’m frankly tired of playing whack-a-mole with lowlife plagiarizers. Fiverr should be doing more to proactively prevent this - if they have systems in place to check for images being stolen in gig galleries, they should have the same protections in place for gig text.

I’m done playing around with it, honestly. I’m adding in new footers to my gigs:

If they’re going to steal, I’m going to provide myself with the means to protect my original work clearly and concisely.


I thought you also had a google thing setup to email you if it found duplicates, though I assume that doesn’t work as well as copyscape.

Since you’re using copyscape premium maybe you have access to the API to make the check more automated (though maybe that would cost more, especially if you do the search more frequently).

I agree Fiverr could/should have this. I’ve suggested it in the past. In theory it should be simple but we don’t know how it would affect the site. They could set it up to only check for high enough %/no. of words/characters copied. It would probably be better if they did it as they could see which gig added that text first (which might not necessarily be the earliest created gig with that text - if the gig was later modified to add it).

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What concerns me most is not that people do it - there is always a scumbag quotient - it is that Fiverr seems completely unconcerned and from reports here in their own Forum, it appears that they seem to at least tacitly support these activities which encourages them to grow.

They have a TOS which is pretty clear on all matters but when confronted with a breach seem to do nothing. They close down things that might upset a buyer or game company (short-term) but then slide on just about everything that damages Sellers.

This tactic already has raised the number of garbage buyers & sellers that everyone is suffering, incl Fiverr themselves as average transaction values must be falling.


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My opinion is that google is more convenient than Copyscape.

Just type: “a phrase from your description”.

For example:
site:fiverr.Com "I’ll highlight your product’s best features in a description that converts for better sales. I also don’t make “guesses” "

This is what you get:"I'll+highlight+your+product's+best+features+in+a+description+that+converts+for+better+sales.+I+also+don't+make+"guesses"+"&oq=site%3Afiverr.Com+"I'll+highlight+your+product's+best+features+in+a+description+that+converts+for+better+sales.+I+also+don't+make+"guesses"+"&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EANQ47MCWOOzAmCJyQJoAHAAeACAAQCIAQCSAQCYAQGgAQKgAQGqAQdnd3Mtd2l6wAEB&sclient=gws-wiz&ved=0ahUKEwjA8JK70_TuAhVDrxoKHYkTB-gQ4dUDCA0&uact=5

Click on each page and click the flag at the top of the services.


I don’t think it will change anything. These people don’t even read your description.

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Oh, I don’t think it’ll deter them - half of them can’t read or write English coherently to begin with, judging on the “original” text they intersperse. It will give me more teeth if I decide to escalate things in the future, however. There’s precedent for holding platforms responsible for original content theft and I’m definitely not the only one this is happening to. :upside_down_face:

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Also. Jfc. There’s more in here. Copyscape, my Google alerts, and a direct Google search like you’ve linked are all pulling up different sets of thieves, all on Fiverr directly. This is ridiculous, it really is.

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