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I am getting stuck with an order

I am pretty new to Fiverr. I got an order from a client, but he didn’t provide valid requirements. I approached him in chat and he acknowledged. He agreed to send the valid requirements, but time passed and he didn’t send the corrected requirements. I asked him to extend the delivery and provide the requirements as the order was running late. He extended the delivery. But he didn’t provide the details and the delivery was again running late.So again I enquired, but he didn’t respond. If I try to cancel the order, it says it will hurt my order completion rate. I really don’t know what to do. Please suggest what to do.


Contact CS and ask them to cancel without affecting your stats.

If buyers don’t provide all the requirements (or lie about providing them) that’s all you can do.

You’ll have to wait several days… be patient.


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Actually sometimes it’s happened. Tell him to specialize in what you want. I think it will be the best way to get a good result for your profile.

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@iftekhar_rahman and @kawsarchy23 - you are suggesting to deliver an incomplete order which will get the OP a warning.

Incredibly bad advice.


I did not tell you to deliver an incomplete file. I tell you to share it with your buyer in the message.

At last he gave the edit and I provided the delivery after 30 days for a simple few minutes task :partying_face:
Will my profile gets affected as a result of too many late delivery alerts :thinking: :thinking: