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I am getting views and clicks but no orders on my gig

Hey, i have my fiverr gig up for quite a long time now, made a few improvements as well, here is the link

i am not getting orders, just clicks and views. People are checking out my gig but arent ordering. What can i do to convert clicks to orders?


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Just had looked on your gig, I observe you didn’t single order yet, I should recommend you to be active on Fiverr & start sending requests to buyers, by doing this you will get your 1st order soon.

responding to buyer requests too. Is there any mistake i am making in my gig?

I think you have to add more specific details in gig description, as its much shorter & buyers couldn’t know more about your skills, so you have to add more details about your skills in detail!

Regularly check your buyer request and send 10 request every day dont lose heart just do this you will get your 1st order and be active on fiver and also download fiver android Application.