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I am getting views and clicks on my 3 days old gig but how long do I have to wait for my first order?


Hi Everyone,I am new to fiverr and I have created a gig some 3 days back. I have got 24 clicks and 42 views in 3 days but I am still looking for my first order.Just curious If I am on right track after getting 24 clicks and 42 views in 3 days or these stats are on the lesser side?
My advice or help will be highly appreciated.
My profile link is


Welcome to Fiverr. Check the forum for tips and there is lots of information in the Fiverr Academy. You also need to be patient as some new sellers take months to get their first sale. Best wishes for your success!:slight_smile:


It depends on the quality of your gigs and the buyers needs


Can I post the link of my gig here just to show you wheather it is up to the mark or not?


i’m a new seller just like you but send me maybe i can help you with it


and you can put your page link in the bio of forum to make it easier for people to reach you


post a link to your gig in the forum category ‘improve my gig’. Some regular forum users go there and help.


I just saw your profile and mentionned that your gig price is set to 50$. Just an advice make the price 5$ instead. It will be hard for your to get your first order with that price especillay that you don’t have previous reviews. Start with 5$, get some orders, build trust, have some returning customers and then decide to improve the price. and guess what I put 5$ as a price and always buyers come talk with me before and we agree after for a higher price.For me when I started here, I have done work that worth 100$ or more just for 5$ to gain reviews. More reviews = More clients.


Thank you for you cool tricky tip and did you find any good in gig pictures,videos and description?


Those stats are fluid (going up today and coming down the next day) and are no indicators to when orders are coming. There are just no indicators to that.
However, go ahead and package your gigs in the best possible manner, applying the tips you find here. Respond to buyers requests with compelling write-up, have nice portfolio (depends on nature of your gig) and very importantly, be ‘Fiverr online’ most times. You’ll get them soon.