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I am getting views on my gigs but not getting any orders

i don’t know how can i get my 1st order on fiverr , i have even reduced my gigs cost :sleepy::sleepy:


That would depend on the type of gig you are offering. Do you do research of other gigs to see how well others are doing with the similar gig you are offering.What is it you are offering?

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Also it may help of you visit other gigs like yours look at the most popular and browse down the bottom and see what tags they are using for their gig then change the tags on yours


ok i will, thank you for your suggestion

Try browsing the Buyer Request section, maybe you’ll get lucky. I never used it for my main gig since most buyers have a low budget, but I did try it for my album design gig. There are more than a 1000 album designers who may be better qualified than I am since I’m very limited with what I can do at the moment but that didn’t stop me.

I had a buyer hit me up to tell me that out of 18 proposals mine was the only one that stood out and was directly aimed towards what he was looking for, not just a copy and paste reply. I stated in the proposal that I had some free time and already did a design for him to check out, all he has to do is reply back to me. After he did, I sent him my design with a watermark attached to it. A day later he replied by placing an order and left a 5 star review.


I went and checked your gigs, and I’m sorry to say this but I can see why you are not
getting orders.
I get the impression that you did not spend enough time setting up your gigs.
Why do you have only one image for your photo editing gig? On top of that, that photo
shows nothing at all, there is no way the buyer can tell what you are capable of.
You should delete your math problem gig too right away.
Also for your life advising gig, there is nothing in your description that tells you that you are
qualified in that field, and since it is filled with grammar errors, I believe there will be communication problems, and that is enough to drive buyers away.

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Reducing your cost isn’t going to help you if people find you lack credibility and professionalism, so lose the sad faces. This situation is of your own making. Your gigs are full of errors, plus you don’t indicate the value of your work. You just say you do a task. That doesn’t mean you do it well or indicate who is a good fit for your services.

On top of all this, you have created gigs for which you have literally thousands of competitors on Fiverr alone. Why would someone hire you instead of your thousands of competitors, many of whom are much more professional?

A lot of sellers create gigs without having researched their market. This is a big mistake.