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I am giddy 💫, happy 😆 and celebrating 🎉!


I am giddy because I just completed order number 100 with mostly green standards and 89 reviews. I wanted to share with all my friends here who have helped make this a reality for me. I did not think it would be such an emotional event for me. Now I am in tears. Though they are happy tears. :clown_face: Yipee for me!

Apology to Mods

If I should not have posted here I am sorry. I was worried that if I posted under "My Fiverr Gigs my friends would not see it. :worried:


Nice! Congrats. Really glad I’m able to share this moment with you. :slight_smile:

So, story time. Which gig stands out most in your mind? And why?







(Tiger hugs)


Do you mean order? Or which one of my gigs?


Yeah, order. Sorry, still learning the lingo.


100th order, yeeeaaaaaaahhhhh!
Since I’m at work right now, allow me to use this image I found online…


Be sure to go out and celebrate this weekend,
…well if you are not too busy with orders, that is! :wink:


So happy for you, Vickie! Yippee for you!!!


Special :truck: Delivery for Vickie. :wink:


On your 100th order! :tada:

100 rounds of applause :clap:t4:

It’s time for you to pop some bubbly :champagne:

FYI~ Your post was moved it to MFG. Since the Mods want these posts to appear there.




The one from a return buyer who gave me a $33 tip for an $50 order. :money_mouth_face:


Congratulation vickie :cake::pie::shaved_ice::ice_cream:


I suspected it might get moved.


Congrats, Vickie! By the way, don’t forget that tags work GREAT to pull some attention to a thread. Tag a few of your pals like @nikavoice and once a few people see your thread, word gets around. :slight_smile:


Congratulations! for your 100th order or like we say in Cricket: A Century! :wink:


Congratulations!! Very nice great :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::+1:


Whoop whoop! That’s great news!! Pleased for you!!


Congratulations Vickie!
Feeling so happy for you.


I can feel your joy.


Sincere congratulations! It means high professionalism and abilities to understand the client’s wishes. :slight_smile:


I’m so happy for you Vickie! You completely deserve it!

Next is 200 orders AHAHHAHA
Can’t wait to see you reach that many! :blush: