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I am giving away 10 Free Advertising Gigs

Promote up to 5 of your Gigs in a prime top left position on my rock solid aged website.

Your gig widget will be shown 10,000 times which is tracked automatically.

It will be rotated randomly with others so that many unique users will have a chance to see your offer.

Our niche visitors are generally male, over 25, interested in finance and decision makers.

This is an ideal opportunity to offer your gigs in a prominent position with guaranteed exposure to a niche market.

Upon clicking your widget, the user is directed directly back to your Gig or profile depending on the link they clicked.

This is a direct link and not another tab or page open to make the user experience as direct and clear to your prospective client as possible.

I am giving 10 gigs away for the first 10 to comment on this post.

I only need your username and I will set it up for you as the widget code is auto on the website.

If you missed out then you can always order a gig at

Reply to @arbab_game: please add these two also with that three gigs

Reply @KJBLynx. I am using the official Fiverr widget code that will pull any 5 gigs out of your collection. I cannot see in the code where I can set an individual gig list so I could not guarantee it would be just your sensual gigs. What a great idea, but that’s me as a male talking :slight_smile:

Do you still want the freebie?.

Reply to @kjblynx Ok, I understand. Your gigs are up now for the next 10,000 impressions.

Good luck to uniqua who also took advantage of this free advertising.


Nice idea, is offer still available ? If it is I would kindly ask you if you can promote any 5 of my gigs. Thank you.

This is a great idea. Can I get in on the freebie?

username: texaswebdesign

Reply @knewme and @texaswebdesign

Both your gig widgets are now live for the next 10,000 hits and thanks for the interest.

ONLY 3 freebies Left.

Hi there! I’m new around here so I could use a little boost really :slight_smile: You can take my only 3 Gigs to promote, thanks!

Reply to @thibstars

Glad to help. Your gigs are now live and soon you will start getting seen as you can see the other Fiverr users are starting to. Good luck.

Only 2 Freebies left.

Helloo can you please help me also to promote my gig

These are some my gig you can promote any one

I’m interested if you’ve got space!!

Hey mate if you have more time or advertising space or whatever you call it… pls put mine too…

I do video and graphics stuff… and some bizarre things as well… :smiley:

Thanks in advance.


Reply to @arbab_game. Hi, your gig widget is showing now. As mentioned in earlier posts, it will pull any 5 gigs from your collection. I cannot control exactly which 5 unfortunately as it connects with Fiverr code that I have no control over.

Reply to @adnagam. Hey. Nice gigs you have. Your gigs are now live for 10,000 impressions.

Reply to @videographxboss .

Hi, You managed to get Freebie 11 :slight_smile: . Your gigs are now showing.


Congratulations to the guys who took action and signed up for this free advertising.

Their Gigs will now be shown 10,000 times on an active quality niche website thereby increasing their exposure to the world outside of the usual spots.

If you want to promote your gig list like these guys, you can buy the gig at

Reply to @brooky: Thanks Man! Appreciate it very much! I just checked your website and fiverr page and you cool gigs! Wish you all the success!

Check out my gigs too dude:

Thanks Again,


Reply to @brooky: Thank you once again! I wish you all the best on fiverr!

hi, would you please do that for me, and here are my gigs

Reply to @tifaaaa Would love to but sorry the

Freebies are all taken.

I can give you a special extra 2000 impressions taking the gig to 12,000 impressions instead of 10,000 for the same low $5 to make up for the disappointment.

That works out to 2400 chances a user clicks on your gig per $1.

Just mention ‘12k for 10k price special’ in your order.

You can pick the gig up at


Hi can you please help me too?