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I am going to be cheated by a buyer


I am working for a buyer now. Still time is running. I have worked heart and soul last 3days for him and full fill his all demands. But after delivery the work, he say to refund his money otherwise he will give bad feedback to me. What can I do. I am very poor worker and love fiverr very much…


Go to CS - do not let a buyer threaten you please!


Make screenshots of the threats (abusive behavior like threats is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service), send them to Customer Support, and ask them for help.


Oh @catwriter - you always put it so much more eloquently than I can!


how to contact to cs. please let me know

#6 Here.


thanks everyone for supporting me


If buyer give bad feedback, and fiverr team found the buyer guilty, will fiverr remove my bad feedback?


They should do - CS have always been very fair with me!


@catwriter and @offlinehelper are right and you should do what they say, but the truth is CS only help sometimes so be prepared for not getting the help you want. CS want you to work it out yourself with a buyer. In your case this might be hard. If you’re confident you’ve delivered as per the gig and the buyer requirements and you’ve delivered on time too, then politely write to your buyer (remember, screenshot everything for CS). Tell your buyer that you have met his requirements and delivered what he wanted and so you won’t be giving him a refund. Tell him that blackmailing you by threatening a bad review is against Fiverr ToS and you will report him. Tell him you’re disappointed he’s taken this approach when you’ve worked so hard for him. Wish him well for the future but you won’t be offering a refund.

If your buyer then leaves a bad review, make sure you chase CS for removal, and reply to the review making it clear that you did everything that was asked and more and make it clear the buyer is in the wrong.

Caveat: BE PROFESSIONAL AND CALM AT ALL TIMES. Don’t get emotional. The buyer’s wrong, you’re right. He just doesn’t realise it. It’s up to you to be the professional here. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your suggestions. If I do not refund him and he will not accept the work and not marke as completed, then automatically the money will be added to my account? And what to do against him


If you don’t refund him & you have explained to him that you aren’t going to refund him, then the order must be marked as completed for you to receive the money.
If you keep delivering, then he can either complete the order (or let it auto-complete) and leave you a review (bad or good as he decides), or If he keeps rejecting the delivery and keeps asking for a refund then you must deal through CS, but in the mean time keep politely re-delivering. Remember to never send an empty delivery, always send the buyer what you have previously delivered if necessary.


You have the right to deliver the work you promised and deny the refund request. The buyer has the right to leave a review.

Just don’t forget that if CS doesn’t remove the review, it will sting, but you’ll get past it. Most sellers have at least a few reviews under 5 stars but as you get more good reviews the others aren’t noticeable.