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I am going to catch a fit! I can't even dispute this nonsense

I am really getting sick and tired of disrespectful people on this platform. I have to rant about it. A buyer placed an order and didn’t have the correct files, I assisted him and guided him into helping him get the files sorted. He declined initially but eventually agreed. I delivered not one but two variations on this logo animation. Mind you this is a repeat buyer, so I figured all was well. Nope!! He comes back and doesn’t ask for a revision and leaves a review as in the attached, I mean… I am really sick and tired of the immaturity of some buyers on this platform, I really am!!

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Wow, that’s… wow.
I’m at a loss for words on that one.


That’s very frustrating, I have a similar situation but the client only cancelled the order without any question.


Because blind reviews on this platform only work for buyers but against sellers, I dug through some previous reviews he left, it looks like this is a trend of his.


That is the review? I’m so sorry this happened to you. I doubt if anyone will pay attention to it.

My only one star review was from a very disturbed individual I had tried for many days to help. She was so hurt and puzzled about why whenever she raged at anyone at her job they avoided her.

Big mistake on my part to try to gently tell her why they did that. I guess it wasn’t what she wanted to hear. I know now not to try to help in that way.


Indeed, that’s the review. Thanks for the support as well.

The entire week was a mess. I got that three star review above with “nanananan”, I got a 2.3 star with “quality work” and now I have a buyer cursing me, why? He changed his instructions three times and logo twice, yet I accommodated, however, even though I redid the last one, there was a cache glitch that I didn’t notice because I rushed out the house to tend to something quickly, I got cursed, despite me doing him those favours. Niceness is not awarded, this is basically why people’s hearts become hardened, there are just too many immature, inconsiderate people in this world.


It’s always the bad experiences that linger longest and clearest, no matter the numerous positive ones. Maybe read back though some of your positive reviews for a dose of calm?


@imagination7413 Thanks, I appreciate the suggestion. I decided to take an hour long drive for some BBQ, a full stomach always helps, I will also try the suggestion.


Something has broken in Fiverr. I’ve been thinking recently about how life was easier when I started back in 2015. I was selling 500-words at $5 a pop. There were always problem buyers. However, a typical day would see me get several messages and orders along the lines of "Hi, I own a limousine company. Here’s a link, please write a blog post about limo hire for spring leave."

People started messages with Hi, ended with Thank You, and generally had enough civility and grey matter to hold a conversation and play their part in the order process.

These days, people send me pointless statements like "I own a blog" in my inbox, explode into rudeness without warning, and generally act like delinquent children. If metaphorical spat dummies could leave real bruises, I’d need major reconstructive surgery at least once a month.

For me at least, the trend seems to persist when raising prices, even though that used to be the way to deter abusive, confusing, an impossible to please people.

Yep. I’m so cold and dead inside that only a granite wall could love me. :frowning: Now I find it difficult to even reply to people. If a message doesn’t start with "Hi" or seem intelligible, I just keep putting off replying because I know what happens when I do.

"Why can’t you help? Why you even offer copywriting in your gig!"

It’s just draining. Moreso when you when you get people who can’t understand the quality of what they are receiving and speak to you like something they have stepped in.

But, it pays the bills… :thinking:


I can’t imagine starting off a message without saying Hi or Hello. It’s rare now. And it’s an indication they have no intention to purchase generally.


That should be one of the “feedback won’t be changed unless it violates the terms of service” cases IMO but unfortunately I’m not part of CS and I’m not sure I’d try to get them see my point if it could result in a “feedback manipulation” warning :frowning:

If it was a repeat buyer and you thought all should go well, I guess there’s even the possibility their account got hacked or they sold it and it’s someone else now, but there’s not really anything you can do in any case, unless you want to risk the “feedback violates the terms” route, other than having BBQ probably.

At least, I’m pretty sure anyone in their right mind won’t hold that “feedback” against you and you definitely only deserve buyers in their right mind now for a while…


OMG! That is just rude and unprofessional. We are expected to act professional because we sell a product, but they don’t act the same and it drives me crazy.

I have the worst week as well. Most of the orders that came don’t have the requested details, some don’t even have a text ready which is mandatory for me.

I have an open order for a couple of days because the client refuses to send me the details and at the same time refused the two designs I have sent. Now he just ignores me and I am thinking on canceling both orders he has made because this would just be less stressful.


Wow you have over 5400 reviews and only 4 negative reviews! Don’t even think about that 3 star one again. You’re doing absolutely amazing work here.


@misscrystal Thanks kindly, it’s true. Interestingly, I’ve had other three star reviews, I mean, I know I can’t please everyone, that’s a fact of life, it’s a given. Some persons are picky, there are language barriers and so forth. I believe this one (the three star) got under my skin because I went out of my way to help a repeat buyer who kept ignoring the requirements and also didn’t provide the materials (he also did this on his first order as well but you know, I chalk it up to inexperience in the field), so to then receive a review that appears to be written by a 4 year old after investing so much into his project, just hit me.

And for that to happen after I received a 2.3 star wrongly due to a buyer mistaking me requesting further information about his revision to be off-putting just made it worse.

Thankfully the buyer who left the 2.3 came back (I didn’t reach out, he came back on his own) and apologized and said he read it back through and realized he was vague and so on. He wanted to make it up to me, but I had to kindly express that the reviews are set in stone and there is nothing him or I can do about it, but I appreciated his apology. Even though the 2.3 star (although not warranted because the buyer said the work was top notch, which is why left the 2.3 star with “Quality Work”) is worse than the 3, the 3 hit harder because of the immaturity and because he was a repeat.

I reflected last night though, this new global epidemic situation, the earthquakes, Kobe’s death etc, really allowed me to see these things are minor in comparison, but as humans, it can still be distasteful.


I’ve had to stop going out of my way to try to help people. It seems to never fail that they react somehow like that when I do.


I feel this way too. This morning I had a message from a guy with a skincare product on my steampunk short story gig. I had to politely reply that unless he wants a short story, I don’t do articles on that gig. Sigh. Why are people wasting their time? Do they have nothing better to do?


I had a guy today ask over the course of 5 messages for samples and if I can write eBay descriptions guaranteed to sell. At no point would he tell me what he was selling.

When I said I need to know, he told me that his product has rave reviews and clicks. Then after a little more squeezing for details, he said it’s a digitally delivered product.

Finally, he sent a link to a personal printer printed out book (no cover just a series of printed out Word pages) that teaches readers how to win the lottery in Florida. I could even feel his embarrassment.

He knows its not going to sell. He knows no one in their right mind could guarantee him it will sell, but still, we had to do the merry time-wasting dance of "if I get a promise it will sell before saying what it is, he will have to deliver on that promise."

The mind just boggles.

And now I’m working on a sales copy for a life coach who charges $5K to teach people how to use Facebook. (Recommended Retail Price $9,999, naturally. :man_facepalming:)


Once I saw a 1* review on a 4.9* seller profile which read: “I told you I was gonna do it”.

I just love it how you can taunt and spam people via reviews and it’s considered fine.

I’d block the dude if you haven’t already.


I reeeeeeally hope CS took care of that… if not that, then nothing. :woman_facepalming:


Glad I’m not alone in this. Many messages are some paraphrase of, “I need xyz. Have you done this before send samples can you help.” An attempt to ~educate~ in politeness would probably not work although I always entertain that idea. But I won’t engage the most egregious offenders… it’s just a red flag.