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I am going to Quit Fiverr if they are not going to change policy


I am going to quit Fiverr and I want others to support me as they have recently introduced an INSANE policy of maintaining order completion rate (actually not an order completion rate, it is the new policy to punish those sellers who had 1 or 2 cancellations in their history) that will drop automatically if you not taking new orders due personal family. I have not been able to give time in last 30 days so had just orders 2 orders with no cancellations. Now i am ready for taking further orders but now i know they want to kick me. I know there are many others talented people like me who have same conditions.

I had a cancellation of order on 15th March 2018 and afterward there is no cancellation and i was demoted on the same date so I waited for a WHOLE MONTH to regain LEVEL 1 seller status. The new policy states that you must have above 90% order completion rate in last 60 Days but the reality is different, my order completion started to drop in last 2 weeks and i started contacting support for finding the reason of this.

As always, just a pre-set response from the team always keep coming till an email came that blew my mind. It states

Blockquote “Please remember that this feature is calculated based on the last 60 days, so this percentage will fluctuate as old orders are removed and new orders are added. For example, if there are no new orders and old orders are removed, then this statistic will drop.”

According to that lines written in Levels, you need to have 90% completion rate which means you should have no cancellations in last 60 days. I have 2 orders in last 30 days and have i guess 2 or more orders in 30 days before the last 30 days (my level 1 seller was demoted before 30 days so i was not able to secure more) There was a cancellation on 15th March so I should be kicked tomorrow because i have a cancellation on 15th.

But no this is not the case, you must have complete new orders of maximum numbers and you have to beg your buyer now not to cancel as if you have 1 single cancellation then you are finished for 2 or 3 months.

If you are not able to secure more orders then you are again finished because you are struggling, you should DIE instead of falling down. This is INSANE.

I am going to quit if they have that kind of INSANE policies for SELLERS who gave them their SHARE of earning. They are just sitting and earning money without any struggle now.


i agree that there are some flaws in system that we also get hit for mistakenly place orders but there are many advantages of the level system consider fiverr like a game if there will be no challenge then there will be no fun in playing
i love the level system even though i got demoted to level 0 for my mistakes now i am coming back stronger
so get to work on how you can maintain your standards instead of quitting :muscle:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I NEVER had quit in my life but this situation my friend is totally weird and due to someone policy, i should quit this time. I have came back stronger from demotion as i also got demoted on 15 march 2018. My order completion is dropping slowly per day, 1% drop every day. You can see my profile have all 5 star ratings.

I have loved the level system until this new policy came and i was satisfied with that 60 days but when that email came, i was “WHAT”. No way, they are not kicking me due to previous cancellation. They are kick me without any reason.


i agree that you’re frustrated if you think you’re unfairly demoted you can contact customer support


Always a preset reply, I am not able to sleep even due to all this


You’re Free to take your decision :smile: I think, you should do that fast. This site is not your own or mine or any forum members, So you’ve to follow their TOS as they provide…

Fiverr have millions of seller, Who’s agree to their policy. Even you do register at fiverr with agree to fiverr policy, OR You must be Read fiverr TOS before start your career :sunny:

Nothing is perfect Or Nothing is BAD. It’s depend on, How we do take that, follow that and implement in your life. :blush:

Forum Members can’t change fiverr policy, and they are unable to do that. So you’ve to inform your problem and complain at Fiverr Customer support. They might be consider. :smile:


I had a super start, i have 8 years of experience but i have worked previously on personal references. I joined fiverr for fun and took it seriously when i have reached level 1 seller. Majority of my income depends upon that but there new policy is killing me.


No matter, How many years experience you’ve. If you’re capable, then you could open your own site. - You’ll get everything control on your own site. If you’re working on someone else website then you’ve to follow their rules and policy because they’ll not change their rules according to your convenience.