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I am going to share some tips with my fiverr friends


Hello everyone I am new on fiverr i had been working on fiverr for last 8 months and i have learned a lot because in 8th months i didn’t got any order in last 8th months but i didn’t accept defeat…this is for motivation for you…now what mistakes you can avoid first never takes fiverr image from google and put in your thumbnail always make your own image and do SEO for ranking how you do first make your image in jpg form and do left click on image and go in properties and then go in detail and put title whatever you have and aslo put tags and in comment section you put your description…this is the way for image SEO…
you can check this link how you can do and get motivation…


Hi. Links to your gigs/profile are only allowed when you are advertising your gigs in the “My Fiverr Gigs” category.


I like you method… but it’s work?


it works…


What you mean about fiverr image? is it gigs images or what?


yes gigs image sir…


Where it is? I follow the instruction but i can’t see the space where i put this info


add only your title keyword not the whole description or tags.


?? means which? my gig


Best of Luck Brother!


Save your gig image with your gig title keyword, use your gig title keyword in tags and description. Wish you all the best.


I think it will help us for rank the gig


It was helpfull, Thank you Mr.syedsibtyhasan1!


I :+1: your method. Thanks