I am going to try an experiment


Will stay from all distractions for just 1 month - no forum, no Twitter, no TV except for sports, no going to Breitbart/Guardian/Huff Post etc. Just my articles and exercise. Want to see…

a. Whether I have the willpower to do that.
b. How it improves my productivity.
c. Mindfulness - is that something I can do?

Okay Mitron, see you on June 20! Just think I have been banned for 30 days, ciao!


What, self-torture you said?

I tried that once, it was bad, like rehab-bad! It became depressingly monotonous, felt like I was in that Groundhog Day movie where the same day keeps repeating over and over.

When I got back to my usual routine, I felt like a kid getting his toys back :smiley:

Now where did that dislike button go? :grin:


Got it. See new improved Writer in June!


Why deprive yourself of your hobbies? Although I do approve of no more Breitbart.
Why not just switch Breitbart for CNN to expand your mind?


Writer April 1st was 48 days ago.

Good attempt at fooling us tho…


So you wanna listen to your heart :stuck_out_tongue:


No “like” for my post? I was joking. I probably was insensitive.