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I am Graphic Designer but cannot get any order....! What I do?

I am Graphic Designer and trying my level best to get order. But I do not get any order till now. Please suggest me how I can get order. I am working since 5 Months back but still I cannot get or win any best order. Waiting for support and help. I can trace raster to vector in a very professional manner.
My gig is :


If you wont to Rank your Gig, *social Media Marketing *Online Activities *Professional Gig Making. Thanks


There is still a lot you can do to improve your gig.

You only use a video and pdf, both of which are great, but you still got 3 unused image slots where you can show off in.

I recommend checking out other Graphic Designers to see what they do, and adopt some of their methods.

Also, never write what you can’t do. Focus on what you CAN.
By checking your gig & writing this reply, the main thing in my mind are the things you said you couldn’t do.

If I was seeking someone to vector my images, I’d feel more secure going with someone who has a can do attitude. Plenty of which will be linked at the bottom of your page.


never ever give up. carry on. you will be a success one day.


brother I suggest you all 24/18 time active now and per day 10 buyer request sent now…

Asslam-o-alakum. thanks for guidance. Rana

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Hi… Sir you are saying right. I have these mistakes. I will improve as per your guidance. thanks a lot.

yes. you are saying right… sir . Ok i will follow it.

Yes. sir. but its too much difficult to stay online for about 24 hrs. what i do?

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USE FIVERR MOBILE APP (Nothing like that for 24 hours Online, As much as you can active on Fiverr , Like 15/16 hours)

I recommend that checking out other Graphic Designers to see what they do, and adopt some of their methods also Improve your gig title and description and provide a unique service.

Thanks bro… Highly obliged…

Have you tried promoting your work yet?

There seem to be pretty good topics on the forum about it.
I can’t guarantee it will help but it’s something.

You can also try replying on buyers requests. You got a fair number of services, so you should usually have one that applies to the request. As soon as you get rated positively, you should see an increase. People tend to be rather frugal when it comes to their money if someone is not rated yet.

Completing fiverr tests and courses should help too according to the Fiverr course.

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hi… Highly grateful to you. I am replying the buyer requests on daily basis. And unfortunately I failed two tests. Is there any other way to promote my gigs???
Kindly suggest some new thing.



I don’t believe that tests & learn.fiverr help at all. Did both, have the highest score I’ve so far seen in my category’s test. I think people don’t care or are not aware of it. Also I see one Buyer Request every 10 days… so yeah, I think it all comes down to the gigs themselves.

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Really grateful to you on this reply and good guidance.

Regards. I will consider your suggestions.

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hi… laxmichakma7.

Ok… Great. I will not give up…

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