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I am graphice designer


i am graphice designer


I went to go support you, but then I noticed that you are using a level 2 badge to promote yourself, when you are not level 2. Also, can you even have a gig offering to give reviews/ 5 star ratings?

EDIT: AND you are stealing images for your gigs. I am starting to get the feeling of why you have a new account…


Good catch, selling reviews is against TOS.


I think fiverr is a better home and good community of experts. I love the concept and the ideas of this great society. Fiverr has not only change my life financially but also intellectually. It has broaden my thinking and make my time more useful and creative. I have gained a lot of experience and still acquiring knowledge.


sir this account my new but i used my prev ice account photo, my prev ice account decidable. i am sure next 90 day for lave 2 seller. my prev ice Hugh work experience


I doubt that considering you are A) Using false advertising B) Using stolen material C) Violating the Fiverr TOS many times over.