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I am having an issue with a buyer

Hi, I have tried to contact Fiverr several times and no one has contacted me back. I am having an issue with a buyer who says they need to send me “different” directions than what they sent with they purchased the gig, they have requested a revision but have not sent any different directions. Normally with my clients outside of Fiverr I do have a set limit of revisions in the contract and well as a clause that states all requirements must be given at the beginning of the project.

I have 2 days left this orders duration…so can she say that it wasn’t delivered to her requirements and the money wont come to me? Even though she hasnt sent my any different requirements?

Right now the money is being held for some reason I dont know where…I have done the work of the order and need to be paid for my time. Or I dont know if I can use Fiverr ever again…they seem set up to screw the seller over…


That wasn’t my question actually…thanks for the info but I was asking something else if you read the question

This is not aboout withdrawing funds…read the question…and I am speaking to the person who started this thread because it has to do with what he is talking about

the withdrawing funds link doesnt answer my question

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Are you saying that you have delivered work exactly as you say you will in your gig and to your buyers original specifications. - But that your buyer is requesting that you do the same work again using different instructions?

If the above is the case, I would deliver the same work again, explaining that you are happy to offer however many revisions you are. What a revision does not constitute, though, is a full reworking of your service to a new set of order specifications.

You can then offer your buyer the opportunity to purchase a gig extra to cover the cost of re-doing their order as per their new requirments.

Of course, that is how things should work and this is what I try to do. Sadly 9/10, doing the above will result in a buyer getting offended that you won’t work for free on their new project details. In the end, you will likely, therefore, end up with them going to CS and getting a full refund.



Kind of…they haven’t given me any feedback about the work I have done…and 5 days ago they said they need to send “different” directions…and there are only two more days left on this duration and they havent sent anything…I keep asking but they dont respond…I guess I am wondering if it goes past the timeline because they havent sent the revision information can they just cancel the order…? And the work i have done is for nothing…

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If your buyer has asked for a revision, you will not be able to close this order or have it cancel automatically. You will need to redeliver the original work and say that you are sorry but you can not revise their work without actual revision instruction.

The countdown for orders completing only starts when an order is in delivered status, not revision status.


Alas, @cyaxrex is right with everything he says.

This is another case that shows how broken the whole system can be.

For me the best thing to do on this platform is to set the prices so high that nobody orders without a clear communication about all the bits and pieces of a project before hitting that buy button. There is nearly no situation where I don’t end up making a very precise custom offer based on the exact requirements of the buyer.
With buyers I have never worked before I have a work around to prevent unwanted things from happening:

  1. I discuss everything beforehand.
  2. I put all the agreements into a PDF and send it to them.
  3. I have them send the PDF unchanged back to me within the gig requirements. If they change anything in the PDF I cancel the order without further discussion.

This is for me the only way to prevent …t from happening.

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Thank you both, I usually have really clear SOW with clients…and I need to do the same on Fiverr…It seems like the people who run Fiverr dont really know what freelancers do and what is required to have clear expectations with clients…It is very strange

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My suggestion is that you just deliver the same order again if the buyer is not replying…
and when you have delivered the order and suppose if the buyer came back and reply to your message then at that time ask the buyer for the instruction for the new work and also ask the buyer for extra charges because you have to work for the buyer from scrach

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