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I am having issue with my gig... [IMPRESSIONS / VIEWS - ACTIVE DISCUSSION]



I don’t know why this is happening but my gig impressions suddenly drops to zero.I did not update or edit my gig. My gig still shows in search where it was before.But it did not getting impression like before.Impressions suddenly drops to zero even though my gig is present in high rating. What is happening. I am not getting any orders from several days.The counters of impressions, views, clicks and orders are also dropping.I can/t understand what’s happening. Anybody aware of this issue…?

What is the solution of this issue??


I have the same issue, for days now I have 0 impressions, which is obviously not the case since I get orders. But the amount of orders on the gigs which are newer has indeed decreased…


Thank god it’s not only me.
I just came back from vacation and I thought it was due to that the impressions drop.
So glad it’s a system glitch


Just refresh the gig page several times it will show true numbers.


LOL…I’m making more sales than ever, but MY stats say I’m in the negative???

Hmph. So long as the money system keeps going and I’m getting gigs, I don’t pay much attention anymore.

Though…I would love to know why I’ve come so far with almost perfect ratings, no cancellations and still not reached Level 2? Doesn’t make sense.


I’m having the same issue. I used to have at least one gig order a day. Then nothing for the last week. And all my views say “0” and all my impressions are way, way, down. Didn’t change anything on my end. Did FIVERR do something on their end that squeezed me out of their algorithm?


Those of you who are new to Fiverr also want to note that impressions and views don’t necessarily update right away. Sometimes they are low or zero just because you aren’t showing up in search yet. Other times the analytics just aren’t returning accurate answers yet.

Overall, though, after you’ve been on the site for at least a few weeks, what you see in your actual messages and/or sales is more important than the (sometimes flawed) impressions and views. Don’t worry about new accounts, occasional blips, or low numbers when you are getting normal messages and orders. Keep on promoting your own gigs as well to get people interested in your offers!


I have the same problem from last few days. What can i do to reach my goal?


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for the reply. I don’t know about system resetting. Is this happen every month? I joined fiverr before 3 month and this is the first time it’s happening with me.


Hello, I am also facing same problem. It makes me afraid no impression, no clicks, no views & no sales. Would you like to explain me what happening with my gigs? I am waiting for your answer.


No it’s not stats
There is actually no impressions.
Seems to me my new gigs do not get indexed for search as well.