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I am having no order since 2018

i am not having any order since 2018 after some time i lose hope and leave the fiverr.
now in 2020 i joined again and creat 4 gigs and still having no order am i doing something wrong. or what can any one guid me.


Send buyer requests daily!
Post Social Media Marketing
Do proper SEO
Use the Search for very good tipps

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Make 7 different gigs! Not just one.
Try and offer unique services that others don’t offer. Look at competitors’ gigs to get ideas.
Instead of a gig picture have a professional video uploaded. Spend a little money and make either your video or your gig picture very professional.
Make sure the wording of the gig is professional.
Use the correct words to drive traffic to your gig (tags, which you choose when you make a gig.)
Good luck!


Thank you for your advice it means alot :slight_smile:

@mjmuneeb Brother keeps trying, My account is also created in 2018 and I get my first order this long time, I w tried to develop my skill. When I come back Fiverr in 2020 I create two new professional looking gigs, did social marketing, and at last, I get my order. So keep patience and believe in yourself.

Here is my profile: